Friday, June 01, 2012

Chilly Philly

Brrr. It has been chilly this week. Luckily The Trucker brought over his little gas heater this week (YAY!) since his sister had another in storage that they can use.

Other than that, what have I been up to? The Trucker came over on Wednesday evening (with the heater) and made dinner. I love when he makes dinner. I know they say anything someone else always taste better but seriously, the boy can do no wrong in the kitchen. I guess because I have too-high expectations of myself and I know what goes into it when I cook that it never seems as good to me?

And then last night @jarredcinman came over for a catch-up. Was an awesome evening with gluhwein and veggie burgers and long conversations about everything. I love these evenings.

Don't have much planned for this weekend. Oh, but I did get bedside tables this week. Nothing too fancy since everything I've seen costs R1500 and up! For bedside tables ?!? I ended up going and buying 2 B-Cubes from Mistry's (basically a square frame with a shelf in the middle), which were the perfect size and had them stained to match my 4-poster bed. OMG I am so thrilled with them :) And all for < R300 each!

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