Monday, June 04, 2012

Winter Weekend

Wow, a weekend with not much to report at all. We were very lazy and aside from a shopping excursion to Woodmead on Saturday (after a very late wake up!) and an afternoon at Gilroy's on Sunday with some friends, we barely left the house.

We made some delish nacho's for dinner on Saturday evening. And I made crumpets for breakfast on Sunday (after I'd cleaned the bunny-hutch and done some grocery shopping while The Trucker was playing a very early cricket game).

All in all, it was definitely a weekend we needed. You know one of those bundled-up winter ones with the heater on (omg I am loving having the little gas heater!) in front of the TV (We have now finished Spartacus: Blood & Sand ... he is re-watching it with me cause I'd never seen it).

We also watched Real Steel. Which was more entertaining than I thought it'd be :)

So yes, very boring, I know ;)

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