Friday, June 29, 2012

Everybody Say Awe

It's been a week of ups & downs. Monday was blissful. Tuesday I went to SCM Dinner which was good fun (always is when there's a birthday to celebrate :) ). On Wednesday The Trucker came over for dinner and we had another lovely evening at home. Altho I ended up in a weird mood which put a bit of a dampener on the end of the evening. But by yesterday I was back to normal again ... Last night The Trucker was playing 2 Action Cricket games so I wasn't expecting to see him. But I decided to have McD's for dinner (have not had it in ages!) and clearly my system has forgotten how to process it or something because by 21h30 I was throwing it all up partially digested.

Awesomeness :P I felt horrid. But somewhat better after getting it all out. I dozed for maybe an hour and then woke up feeling yucky again. And while I was up heating my Microwave Hottie, who should pull up in my driveway, but The Trucker. He came to see how I was feeling. Awe. Even more special since he had to head to Bloem at 5am this morning. But what a lovely surprise.

And the best news is that I'm feeling better this morning :) Although a little fragile but I think that's just from having had nothing to eat yet and a very light sleep.

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