Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Hmmm, guess it wasn't the McDonalds :(

Friday was an awesome day I wouldn't have missed because I was one of @zoosev's Birthday Fairies :) We had such fun spoiling her at work and even headed out to Tasha's for lunch with a group of the work girls. Normally I detest Tasha's, but I've never had lunch there. Lunch there was delish!

On Friday evening, The Trucker (barely back from his day-trip to Bloem) and I headed to Chef's Boma for BriGuy's birthday. Okay, I get that some people are all about the red meat. And that some people love buffet eating. But I am not a big fan of either. I didn't think the food was particularly impressive at all. And I certainly couldn't eat enough to make a buffet selection worthwhile. Also, the red meat (which I don't eat very often) didn't leave me feeling great. Well that's what I put it down to ... figured I was still a little fragile from Thursday night.

On Saturday morning, The Trucker was up early (again) and headed off to Bethel with @Toxic_Mouse to go and look at (and actually buy) a Lotus. A kit car. Awesome. I like the idea of it being finished. But am less than thrilled that the time it's gonna take to be built is coming out of his me-time (because he already has no free-time) #sigh. Guess I'll need a new hobby to entertain myself now too :P

Knowing he'd be busy, I'd arranged a catch-up with @louisabouwer & Nicola. I grabbed some croissants and the cupcakes I'd bought yesterday (a girl at work is making some very delish cupcakes at R5 a pop - while she's still enjoying the novelty of it!). I spent a lovely morning chatting to them (even if Nicola was less than impressed by my presence initially). I managed 2 croissants, but couldn't face a cupcake ... I didn't end up having a single one of them the whole weekend as it turned out :( But apparently they were delish! I was still feeling fragile and headed home and climbed into bed with my book.

When The Trucker eventually got home, we didn't have a very eventful Saturday, it involved napping and watching TV. What we both needed!

On Sunday he was up and off to cricket at about 9am. I was feeling loads better so went off to do a grocery shop and then headed off to @zoosev's actual birthday party. I was feeling okay till I was faced with food. Then I kind of nibbled at some of it but was not feeling particularly great. We left around 4pm, headed home and napped (can you tell The Trucker had lots of sleep to catch up on). By the time he woke up, I was throwing up again :(

I had a pretty miserable Sunday evening so decided it would be best to stay home yesterday. So far I have switched to a very boring diet that consists mainly of apples. But seem on the mend. Still not 100% tho but back at work today. Yesterday was very quiet, I did a little work from home (I had no tv to watch!) and read my book and slept.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the visit on Saturday, it was really good to see you again and to be able to cath up a bit.

Shit...I'm sorry to hear that you're still not feeling better. Maybe it's time to go see a doctor now? These tummy things usually clear up in a day or two themselves if it's not serious.

Get better soon!

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