Friday, June 08, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Oh right ... areal post. What's that again? Haha.

Mkay, this week? It's been a good one but I'm a little exhausted on this Friday morning after 2 late nights. Some days I despise that I have to wake up at 5:40am to get to work in time to miss the traffic. But, I wouldn't change it ... I like leaving work at 15h:45, instead of 18h30 or something equally ridiculous.

So, Monday night was quite. The Trucker came over and we watched the finale of Game of Thrones S02. Meh, I really enjoyed  the first season, but I think they're making a Heroes mistake ... adding too many characters & sub-plots that you can go whole episodes without seeing someone. Which is fine if you don't like them / aren't interested in their sub-plot. And I didn't think it was much of a season finale. Yes there is a new "twist" but other than that it could just have been another episode. I actually asked if we were sure that was the last one ... Not blown away.

Tuesday was a fantastic evening! (Although late, got home around 11pm!). Instead of our usual SCM, the whole SCM crowd (plus The Trucker and other assorted partners who usually have other things on on Tuesdays) headed to Picolinos for their Beer & Comedy evening. Looks like there is another on the 6 September. I'd recommend it. Although the comedy started late (after 8 I think?), we all enjoyed our delish pizza's and then laughed till we cried. Vittorio Leonardi was the MC for the evening and there were some great comedians there. My faves were Robby Collins, Deep Fried Man and, of course, the back in top form John Vlismas who was the main act (which is why there was no way I was leaving before he was done!!). Shoo, I could hardly breathe when he did his recession bit. Hysterical! Thoroughly enjoyed myself :)

Wednesday was much quieter. The Trucker came over and made dinner (I <3 when he cooks!). He threw together some pasta and it was delish! And he had a sago craving so had bought the woolies one for us to try. Not as rich as the one he made a few weeks back, but still hit the spot on a cold winter night :) Yum.

Last night was Bookclub. Such a nice group of 6 girls we've got at the moment, am thoroughly enjoying being part of one again :) And even better, this month we added both the Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games series to our stock. Cant wait! I took 50 Shades of Grey this month :D

Oh, and our Vietnam Holiday planning has kicked off - Whoop whoop! It's definitely a good Friday :) Oh, and ps. in case you were wondering ... I got my refund from the Bid or Buy guy later that day. See, definitely been a good week :)

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