Monday, June 04, 2012

Ruining my Day

Mkay, right, 2 posts in one day. Haven't done that in ages.But something this morning has upset me and I need to vent before I can move on.

I absolutely hate it when someone makes you feel guilty even tho you are not in the wrong, they are.

Okay, so that is a bit of a sweeping statement. And perhaps some of you can rise above it and it doesn't leave you feeling awful, but unfortunately, no matter how in the right I am, other people can still make me feel bad and I hate it. Not bad as in I think I did anything wrong, but bad as in leaving me with a horrible feeling, I can't quite explain it properly. And angry because of how they've reacted.

So here are some examples to help you. The one I can remember very clearly is not letting someone in front of me in traffic in a particular spot where the traffic queues every morning. Many people try to jump in just before the highway onramp because there is such a queue. But I don't let people in. Buddy, I've been queuing here, what is so special about you that you shouldn't have to too? Also, it's all very well thinking to yourself well what is one extra car in this long queue going to make to me. Honestly, nothing. But to the guy who just joined the back of the queue, there are at least 10 (definitely more by the time he gets to the front) cars slowing down his progress. And that is where I think the inconsideration lies. So, I don't let people in. I didn't let this one guy in and he promptly got in behind me and continued to pull the finger at me for a continued stretch all the way onto the highway. I mean really. And yes, it made me so annoyed and ruin my morning. And I was NOT the one trying to jump the traffic queue.

This morning it happened again. I placed an order on Bid or Buy on the 17th May and promptly did an eft for the full amount including delivery. On the 21st after no feedback whatsoever I mailed them asking when my product would be delivered (because I know there is a postal strike on, but I wanted to know if it had even been posted yet!). The guy phoned me back to say the order had slipped thru the cracks and so sorry he hadn't seen it yet. But they didn't have stock of what I'd ordered (so why are you listing it then??) did I want a replacement. He clearly wanted me to take the replacement and at the same price. I'd ordered a curtain of fairy lights 2m x 2m. He wanted to replace this with a 4m string. They sell 20m strings for even less than I'd paid. And he was willing to deliver them to me. And if they didn't suit my purpose I could return them. Urgh. This all sounded like too much hassle to me and after discovering I certainly wouldn't be getting my money's worth, I decided I wanted a refund. And (I thought at this point) if I couldn't find what I wanted by end of July, when he was getting more stock, I'd be in touch. On the 24th I mailed him with my decision and banking details.

So anyway last Monday I phoned him again to ask when he'd be refunding me. Don't worry, he says, it'll happen this week. Okay fine I say. Last Friday I phone again. It'll definitely be done on Friday or Saturday he says. He (who knows why) wants to go into a branch and do it. And I'll be notified immediately.

So this morning, I check my bank account and it's still not there. Bid Or Buy was mailing me asking for to rate the seller and on the weekend I'd already decided that was probably the only way to get my refund. So this morning I put the experience as a negative rating (well it has been!!) And said truthfully that they hadn't had stock of the item I ordered and I was still waiting for over a week for my refund.

Boy, it didn't take long before I got a phone call from him asking why I'd given him a negative rating. Seriously? Oh but he's been trying to find the lights for me, he says. Well you never once said that to me, instead you promised payment more than once and never met your own deadlines. I can only trust someone I don't know so many times :P

So let's hope that as he said I'll be refunded today. Until the money is in my account, his negative rating stands (I said I'd change it after I was refunded).

I mean really. How can he claim offense and make me feel bad when I've been nothing but honest, because this has been a negative experience. If only I'd just found the lights in a shop, been able to go to the check-out and take my item home with me there and then.

Urgh. Let's hope the week improves from here!

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