Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pink Monday

I don't normally post on a Tuesday morning. Well nothing real or meaningful anyways. And I do have a book review to write because (after weeks!) I finally finished the first 50 Shades book. But more on that later. I just wanted to write because last night was lovely. And it was still Monday.

It was one of those surprisingly perfect cherry-on-top absolutely-normal, nothing-spectacular, but blissful-leaving-you-beaming-and-feeling-full-and-happy nights. Seriously folks, I don't remember being this consistently happy ever before. Like pinch yourself, is it real life happy.

It was such a normal day. Work was meh, but ended on a laugh. I wasn't in the mood for gym really, am I ever? And then I raced home, showered let the bunnies have a little run, put some Thai Butternut & Prawn soup on the stove. I was thrilled because The Trucker was letting me make soup for dinner - he is not a fan of soup & I love it. But he hadn't tried this one yet. Sadly the Ostrich Chili will never become a favourite for him because he hates all the beans :(

He came over a little later and we ate some delish warm soup - and he loved it! Haha :) *beams* And then he watched some episodes of Fringe (I'd already seen them) while I finished 50 Shades and then finished reading amberance from Bizzybiz Blog's far better and laugh-out-loud funny blog posts about the book. I highly recommend you skip the book and just read those instead. I had tears and sore cheeks from laughing so much!

And then it was bed time. It was very romantic. We played (he played, I watched) a round of Tower Defense and he finally passed the level that he's been stuck on ;) Not even kidding! It is highly addictive & I steal his tablet whenever it's free so I can play too - haha. I am a terrible back-seat driver when he plays tho. But he is remarkably patient <3

I dunno exactly what made it such a perfect night but I went to sleep feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that I want to feel this happy always (well, within reason, I understand that you can't appreciate how good you've got it without not having it occasionally.  I suppose that is what this post is for. To remind me). I slept wonderfully but certainly would've preferred to stay cuddled in my bed this morning. Work does not thrill me one bit lately :(

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Anonymous said...

I followed that link for the book review - mwahaha! I actually can't carry on reading those blog posts at work, it's too funny and people keep looking at me when i burst out laughing.

Super cool that you're floating around on clouds of Monday bliss too. :-)

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