Friday, July 13, 2012

Fight Hangover

I did write a post, but one that I decided was just for me, to write what I am feeling this morning down and hopefully get it out of my head. Today I'm not happy and bouncing off the walls. Today I have a fight-hangover. Do you have those? Where after you have an argument, even tho in theory it's over (if not resolved, then agreed to disagree and stop carrying on trying to convince each other that you are right) it's still hanging in the air, left over and making you feel a little bit sad and alone, waiting for everything to feel normal and happy again. I have those.

So this morning, regardless that I've had a pretty average week, I need a hug. I won't be getting one today. The Trucker is off to visit his mom tonight.

This week we watched 21 Jump Street. And it was a lot funnier than I was expecting (never watched the original tv series). I went to SCM. The Trucker & I saw each other quite a lot. But not the actual doing anything kind of seeing each other, more the doing nothing, eating dinner at home watchin TV or reading our books in bed kind of seeing each other. And while that's good, I am feeling like I need more actual social things on the go. I know, it happens in winter, we hibernate and stay home and warm. Warmer if you have someone there with you to cuddle, which I am happy I do. And I know I've probably been planning less since we're about to be off to Vietnam ... dunno why I do that but I do mini-hibernate in the face of impending busy-ness.

Anyway, I'm going to stop typing now, this already says more than I was planning for it to. Here's hoping happiness has returned by Monday :)

(Cartoon shamelessly stolen from xkcd)

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