Monday, July 16, 2012


Okay okay, I may be freezing this morning, but I'm in a much better mood than Friday. Sheesh, I'm pretty sure it's probably as cold as it was this weekend, but I didn't have to be up nearly as early then!

The weekend was really quiet. Stayed for after-work drinks and then headed post DJMike's place to pick up my now-full hard drive and then headed home to get under the blanket and snuggled up in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

On Saturday morning I went and did some admin. Buying more hay for the bunnies, investigating why the place I get waxed wasn't answering my calls all of last week - they've closed down. How annoying!! Now I have to find a new place before we head off to Vietnam. #sigh inconvenient. I am a creature of habit.

And then because I was in a weird mood (no doubt because The Trucker wasn't around and the weather), I settled back in front of my TV for further escapism. I had things I kinda could've done, but I was more interested in just hibernating.

On Saturday afternoon he got back at about 4pm (in shorts ?!?) and we cuddled up on the couch together. Later we braved the cold for a dinner out. We were hoping to get a table at Cafe del Sol but it was full so we trying Luigi's (he was craving pasta). It was not impressive and I doubt we'll be going back. My butternut panzerotti was fine, but his bacon pasta was awful, there was more fat & gristle than bacon. They were quiet gracious about it and let him order something else instead. So he had a pizza (without bacon) which he said was quite nice.

We had a very lazy Sunday morning (sooo cold!) and then headed out for some breakfast at Doppio and did some grocery shopping. Then he headed off to cricket and I continued to watch more TV and stay warm. It really was a hibernation weekend for me, I did hardly anything. This weekend is going to be quite busy (my 2 girl-cousins are coming up to visit from Cape Town! Yay) and then next weekend we're off to Vietnam!! I'll take the hibernating while I can :) Plus it really was cold this weekend.

While The Trucker was at cricket, I decided to make some Sweetcorn & Sweet Potato Fritters (I want that recipe book!). They were quiet yummy while still warm - he nibbled on half of them while warming up in the bath :) And then he made us pasta for dinner. Yum.

A very ordinary but restful weekend. It was good :)

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