Monday, August 20, 2012

Post Holiday Blues

Hmmm. First weekend back and it was not all that I was hoping for. I think I had a bit of the post-holiday come-back-down-to-real-life blues ... I was feeling miserable and sad and mopey for most of it. Add to that the fact that The Trucker thinks the most helpful thing he can do in that situation is give me space to get over it (because that's what he'd need) and it made for a less than stellar weekend. Sigh.

I spent most of Sunday feeling like I was wasting my weekend :( But on the plus side I managed to get over it.

On Friday evening we went to Picolinos for The Trucker's sister's birthday. It was quite cool aside from the live music our reserved table was right next to. We managed to move and salvage our evening tho :) I am really not a fan of cover bands playing at full blast while we're trying to sit and have a conversation over dinner. Actually, I am not a fan at just about any time.

Aside from that the evening was still good :) On Saturday we met up with some of The Trucker's friends for breakfast and then headed off to do some bank admin. #Sigh why oh why do they still make you go into a branch?! Anyhoo, I think I got just about everything I needed to done. Including having to re-FICA myself ... yet *again* I swear they have a flag on my account saying I should do this every 6 months :P I'm like, hello people, you own the freaking property I live in, surely you know the address already? Anyway, whatever, it should be sorted now.

Then we did some other admin stuff and headed home for a very relaxing Saturday. I got a lot of blog-post typing done. But no, they're not ready to go yet. I wasn't in the mood for going thru the photos on Sunday (as explained already above). Nearly nearly. I wish it didn't feel completely overwhelming. It seems to become a bigger and bigger task each year / holiday.

Actually I'm feeling a little overwhelmed in general at the moment. Mostly by my house and the things that need doing. And then on top of that there are the things I want done ... But first, things that *need* doing. Turns out while I was away my lounge ceiling paint started peeling away. The Trucker says it looks like the previous owner did a half-job to get it repainted and didn't use any primer. I am a little too terrified to think about this and the potential implication of requiring my entire house's ceiling to be scraped and reprimered and repainted. Meep.

On Saturday evening we also managed to get to the movies to watch The Dark Knight Rises. I'll admit that even as much as I absolutely loved the last one, I suspect that was mostly to do with Heath Ledger and I was a little nervous about just how long this movie was. I'll tell you it didn't feel like 2hr 40mins. I quite liked it, not as much as the earlier one. I'm not sure about the whole Bane character, I couldn't always understand what he was saying. And I didn't see the one twist coming. I'm not sure I'd rewatch it tho.

On Sunday morning we headed to Clearwater, had some breakfast and did some shopping. I was specifically on the hunt for new laces for the boots I had made in Vietnam. They knotted the laces to make them long enough *eye-roll*. Unfortunately we could only find the thick 120cm laces. Which we bought to try. But I think they look funny :( We also had a bunch of grocery shopping to do too.

Sunday afternoon was filled with weirdness. But we talked, although that was weird too. We don't seem very good at problem solving together or with dealing with our different ways of dealing with being upset/angry. It worries me occasionally. But then I realise the good far outweighs the bad and things don't wobble very often ...

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