Friday, August 17, 2012

Slowly Adjusting

Shew. Friday. This has felt like a long week. It's funny just how little time it takes for your holiday to feel like a distant memory :(

Anywhoo, I'm busy with the holiday posts. Will just have to play it by ear. I am aiming to have a minimum of 3 a week, but obviously the winning number would be 5. I'm not holding my breath. This week I've kinda taken a still-on-holiday approach to gym, so it's been easier to find the time to copy the posts, and I've only done 3 so far. So I am really not sure where I'll find the time next week when, I guess, I'll have to go back to gym for real. #sigh.

So, this week. It has been pretty quiet. I had a lovely catch-up at SCM with everyone on Tuesday. And on Wednesday and Thursday The Trucker and I just had nice quiet evenings at home.

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