Wednesday, September 05, 2012

04 August: Hoi An

We had a very lazy morning today, which was just what we needed. And pretty well timed since we woke up to NO POWER ... in the whole city!! Which meant no air-con. And besides that, yet again, no shower (all the water is sea-water and has to go thru a desalinator). A less than stellar start to our last day in Hoi An. And it was a hot one.

After breakfast at the hotel, we took the scooter out around Hoi An for a ride before heading to Kimmy's for our second fittings. All looking good!

Then we were hot and sweaty so headed back to the hotel for a bit of a rest. Luckily they had found a generator so the fans were working. The Trucker relaxed while I wandered the shops on our road. Found my gift for The Peeb and got The Trucker & I a Rice Hat each (as one does in Vietnam).

Travel Tip: Don't buy these hats. They are impossible to travel with.

We then headed out to collect out shoes (yay, they fit now!) and bought some Ginkgo TShirts before collecting the dresses & suits and heading back to the hotel, very heavily laden. No idea how we're going to pack all this! Definitely No. More. Shopping in Vietnam - hahaha!

We went to a little restaurant called Citronella for lunch. Ordering food to share and taste is definitely my preference here. We had the most delish wontons - not at all what I was expecting because they weren't like Chinese closed wontons. They were more like Nachos, with the wonton being a little plate for the topping. So tasty! We had some more fresh spring rolls. I love the vibrant flavours here. And then we shared a ham & pineapple pizza - haha. Good flavours too tho.

We took the scooter out exploring Hoi An some more after that and then to kill some time before we had to go to the train station in Da Nang, we got a 60min foot massage. Totally awesome!

After our massage, we headed back on our scooter and repacked our bags with all our new purchases. Miraculously they all fit except the new shoes. We are planning a major repack in Nha Trang!

We took a last wander into Ancient Town along the river and ate at "The Lowest Bar". We both had salad and it was one o the most divine meals of the trip for me! Mine was the Lotus Salad with Shrimp & Pork. Wow, what flavours!

It takes about 45mins to get from Hoi An to Da Nang. Our train was supposed to leave at 10pm but only arrived at our station at 11:30pm. Sheesh. Not an ideal use of an hour & half in Vietnam :P Oh well.

And then it was pretty much straight to bed once we boarded.

Travel Planning tip: We booked all our sleeper train tickets online before we went with Vietnam Railway.

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