Friday, September 07, 2012

Maybe Normal

Well, it's been another pretty meh week. Perhaps this is real life and I've come down from sheer happiness with a bump. Nothing is really bad, things are just ticking over. Well, that's not fair, there's plenty being planned in the pipeline. I only had one really bad day (yesterday) which was work and people related. #Sigh sometimes some people just drive me nuts. But the rest of the week was pretty much just average.

So the new nutrition plan is going well :) Dinners haven't been as bad or difficult as I was expecting, not terribly different to what we'd usually have, although more variety now, actually. The only thing I am finding I'm struggling with is how to get from a 14h30 (ish) afternoon snack to a 19h30 dinner. Especially when she said I should be eating every 2 hours. So this is high up on my list of things to discuss at my next appointment.

So, on Monday and Tuesday evening, The Trucker came over for the evening and dinner. He's had a rough week. Been so busy. Haven't really seen or spoken that much to him this week so also feeling a bit disconnected there. I can't tell if that adds to my mood or my mood makes me notice that more?

On Wednesday I had a cheat evening because I was hosting Bookclub. Feeling a bit weird about that at the moment. I mean the evening was fine and the food was delish (Yay me, simplest pasta dish ever and got the portions spot-on). It's just one of the newest girls invited 4 other people to join our book club instead of them going off and starting their own one. Which I don't really mind. Except as per facebook, at least one of them is almost 20yrs older than me. I dunno how this is gonna pan out really. I don't feel it's the way to go, but it's hard to kick people out of a bookclub. We'll give it another few months and see how things settle, but I see our bookclub splitting pretty much down the middle in all likelyhood. Anyhoo, so that's created other weirdness.

My house was on top form tho and looking good so I was feeling quite proud and everyone was very complimentary, it's coming together so nicely :) Love this little place of mine. And we (The Trucker) lit a fire, the cloudy weather was perfect for it :) Can't wait to get my fairy lights now, they seem to be arriving in the shops *already*.

What else, yesterday the weather was mental, rain, thunder, lightning and hail. Hello Jozi Summer :) Was pretty awesome, honestly. And much needed. So glad I got the new lawn planted when I did. What perfect timing!

Was also supposed to go for my first paddle at Emmerentia yesterday, but the rain & hail kinda ruined that one :( Oh well, next week.

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