Monday, September 10, 2012

Awesome Dinner Party

Well it was a pretty good weekend. Dunno where my mood is at the moment. It's definitely not all sunshine and roses and all is right in the world, but it's also not doom and gloom and kill me now. I guess I'm adjusting to normal. Me thinks the honeymoon phase is over ;) Haha.

Anyway, on Friday evening The Trucker came over. we ended up talking instead of watching TV while we ate dinner. I dunno, I never know if we've accomplished anything with these talks. I think I'm in an unsettled place (you know, adjusting to this "normal") and he's dealing with all sorts of other things (work, what else?) and it leads to weird conversations and expectations and not much resolution, really. I guess it is just good to be talking about it tho, even if I don't feel it's achieves much.

On Saturday we had a crazy busy morning. Out to Parkhurst to the Braeside butchery, with a stop at Nice for a cheat breakfast ;) Very yummy.

Most of Saturday was spent preparing for our first Dinner Club dinner, at my house, that evening. We've found 2 other foodie-enthusiast couples and basically it works like this: one couple hosts and servers the mains. The other visiting couples either bring dessert or starters. And everyone brings wine :)

It was a fantastic and totally awesome evening. We lit the fireplace again, we ate around the outside dining room table, the food was superb. We offered the Asian Infusion cocktail we'd had in Vietnam on arrival (as close as we could get, it was pretty yummy). @clairam brought the starters: do it yourself nacho's. The Trucker made fillet in a red wine jus, served with wasabi mash and glazed carrots for main (omg so good!) and @Toxic_Mouse flipped gluten-free pancakes which we filled with an orange-cointreau sauce and ice cream. There was much wine drunk and we finished off with Vietnamese condensed milk coffees.

On Sunday we slept in and then cleaned house - wish I'd taken before and after photos of the kitchen!! Then it was off to do the week's grocery shop. Week One of the Eating Plan went well, with 3/21 cheat meals. Not too bad. I reckon that's the max I'm going to aim for. It kinda works out as one cheat day or one cheat on each meal. But I've realised that lunch is easy for me on this plan so it'll more than likely be one cheat breakfast (on the weekend, when we eat out) and 2 cheat dinners. I get why cheating at dinner is less than ideal tho, cause it's your late meal of the day. But you know, that's how life goes. Any improvement has gotta count for something, right ;)

And then in the afternoon we headed over to @jarredcinman's for a garden picnic. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, lazing in the sunshine, on the grass enjoying good food with friends :)

The evening was pretty relaxed and we re-watched The Usual Suspects. So not as good as I remember. Re-watching these old films you have these great memories of, never seems to work out as well as you hope.

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