Friday, September 21, 2012

Exercise Exhaustion

Shew. This week has taken forever. It may be because I've exercised more than ever before, probably in my life. But it definitely feels like there was a day too many thrown in here.

On Monday (Full Body) I started at my first Adventure Boot Camp. I'll admit I've been pretty slack at gym since I got back from Vietnam. And even worse since I gave up my Personal Trainer at the end of August. So to say I was a little nervous would be an understatement. But I loved it. Seriously, there is something about being outside when exercising that I really think helps my mindset.

I was sore this week, in a way I haven't been from gym in a long time (okay, except for that last session where my trainer tried to kill me as a goodbye :P ). I went again Tuesday (Upper Body) and Wednesday (Cardio & Legs). I'm signed up for the 3 times a week option. I couldn't manage 5 times. Sheesh. Wednesday nearly killed me. I do NOT like running.

And then last night I joined a guy from work for some paddling at Emmarentia. I've wanted to paddle since before I moved to Joburg, but a) didn't have someone to do it with and b) didn't think I could do it alone what with the getting the canoe up onto the roof of a car and off again, not to mention all the way to the water! Ha. Well I was right, that was certainly the least fun part for me. But the paddling was good fun :) We only did 3 circuits of the dam (which is not that impressive when you hear there are 10 in a time trial). And these canoes are fibreglass, not like the heavy plastic yellow ones I'd used before moving to Jozi or the ones we used for the Orange River. Yep, I think on a good week I could manage all this ... Fun, and apparently being outdoors, is definitely the answer to exercise for me. Who would've thought it'd take me to the age of 32 to realise something so simple. Sadly tho, Discovery Vitality does not recognise any of my efforts anymore :(

Anyway, on Monday and Wednesday evening, The Trucker came over for dinner. On Tuesday I was back at SCM. And then last night I pretty much just collapsed in front of my TV. Haha.

The Eating Plan has been going pretty well. I have my first post-plan visit later today. Finger's crossed there have been some improvements ;) I won't lie, I'll be a little gutted if there are none after all this effort. Effort must be rewarded, because I need incentive ;) Haha. And then it all goes out the window for the long weekend - no Eating Plan on Holidays. That is my personal rule. I mean I'll try not to eat terribly, obviously, doesn't one always try to not over do it completely. But it is a holiday and I'm not spending it stressing about food :P That's not to say it's generally a stress, at home it's easy to be organised and make sure I'm eating right. In fact I'm thrilled at how (mostly, except on weekends) easy it has been to integrate into my life. And I generally don't feel like I am depriving myself at all (which, really, is the only way it'd work).

We're off to Lesotho's Katse Dam and Sani Pass this long weekend (yay for Public Holiday Mondays!). Very excited :)

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