Wednesday, September 26, 2012

10 August: Phu Quoc

Today we had the same idea but also ended up getting a somewhat later than planned start. Worked out okay tho, again :)

This time we headed North. It's pretty surreal. They have a proper double-lane highway type thing. But of course only one side of the road is open at a time. We rode thru their absolutely amazing National Park up to Bai Thom. The lush jungle with massively tall trees was spectacular! Bai Thom was pretty unremarkable but we did while away some time having a pepsi, sitting in a home-made hammock next to the sea :) Gotta give our bums some reprieve from the scooter - haha.

Am quite horrified at the litter here in Phu Quoc. Actually thruout Vietnam. Horrible and it definitely ruins the gorgeous beaches here :(

After our little break in Bai Thom, on the way back we took a turn in the direction of Cua Can. Along the way we stopped at a Pepper Farm and took a wander thru the crops. I'm not sure I ever thought about how pepper was grown before but, I don't think I pictured it like this!

When we hit the T-Juntion, we decided to head further North towards Ganh Dau. This included some interesting scooter riding (& a water crossing!). And eventually we stopped somewhere along the coast where we found the most gorgeous, perfect and almost deserted beach (except for 2 topless tourists tanning who'd found this spectacular spot before us).

We stopped  and swam and had a snack (today we were smarter than yesterday!) and swam once more. The sea here was beautiful! And then we turned around and headed home. This little beach was definitely the highlight of our ride!

When we got back we had lunch at The Spice House, which was superb. And then went for a 90min massage. The Trucker was so right, we should've done that every afternoon we were here at a mere 20USD per person! Damn, it was so good and just what we needed :)

We watched sunset from our resort beach restaurant and ate dinner there. Lovely dim sum but I have been somewhat disappointed with the salads since my first one in Hoi An, that was so delish!

Anyway, then there was repacking to do. Our holiday is nearly over :( I am so not ready to be back at home or work yet! But first, Cambodia and Angkor Wat :)

Early morning tomorrow, although no quite as early as it would've been if they hadn't moved our flight :P

Photo aside: Some of the interesting things we saw while driving around today. Saw this weird fishing boat made from a polystyrene surf board and plastic outdoor furniture while relaxing in Bai Thom. Surreal. Wish I'd seen someone actually using it - haha.

And then I finally managed to get a decent shot of one of their scooter "kiddie seats". Seriously, we saw loads of people driving around with set-ups like this with their kiddies. And then we found one on the side of the road sitting empty as we were riding around today.

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