Monday, October 08, 2012


Well this morning I am smiling. I had a fabulous weekend. From start to finish it was exactly what I needed to counter my mood when I posted on Friday morning. All it right in the world again :)

Friday evening didn't feel like it was going to provide any sort of balm. But The Trucker messaged me and asked if we were doing something for dinner. And while we were doing our usual back-and-forth over I dunno what I feel like and where can we go on such short notice on a Friday evening, he planned a Surprise Date Night and gave me 45mins notice. Adore this boy.

He actually took me to a little spot I had on my Date Night list, The Good Luck Club (actually I had it on my list from before it had a name). He had it on his list after a rave review frfom @Toxic_Mouse. And omg we *will* be going back :) They managed to squeeze us in without a booking and our dinner was so delish. We started with their chicken, avo and mozzarella Spring rolls, their prawn, coriander, mint, cucumber and glass noodle Summer Rolls and their chicken Dim Sum. We followed this with 2 mains to share, honestly I couldn't tell you which I prefered. Both were so good! I (mostly) had the Beef in Satay Sauce and The Trucker (mostly) had the Red Chicken and Prawn Curry. Superb.

Dinner was a little rushed because we only had a little over an hour to eat before apparently we were off on Phase 2 of Surprise Date Night. The Trucker took me to see Searching for Sugarman. Well, that was the intention. Unfortunately that was completely sold out. So we saw The Flowers of War. OMG it was quite hectic. But I enjoyed it. Always nice to go see something out of the ordinary and as a surprise. Can't remember the last time I went to Cinema Nouveau either.

On Saturday we actually slept late (yay for not much weekend admin demanding attention!). And then went and queued at a Post Office (the most archaic of inventions) to buy a fucking stamp (pfft, how do we not have stamp vending machines yet?) to send a stupid SARS form that apparently has to be an original. There is nothing quite as soul destroying as needing to step into a Post Office, except perhaps working at one, but whether or not that ever actually happens, remains to be seen :P

Then it was breakfast at the Chilling Thyme Cafe. Nothing spectacular, but I did get to visit their bunnies and remind myself that now is not the time to get myself a bantam. I do, however, want a tortoise. A lot. I grew up with pet tortoises, I want one. I have dutifully mailed the zoos (Johannesburg and Pretoria) and no one has responded. Does anyone know how to effectively get a pet tortoise (and by 'pet' I really only mean one that will live in and enjoy my garden) or have one looking for a good home?

Then we relaxed away the afternoon. I gardened while The Trucker watched South Park and then I got my turn with the remote ;) We went to watch the rugby at the Dros. Which was quite nice, probably would've been more fun if we'd won tho :P

In the evening we made ourselves a yummy dinner and watched What to Expect When You're Expecting. Would you believe The Trucker was totally fine with this movie choice?! I generally enjoyed the movie. The only part I believed as true to life was Rosie & Marco.

Sunday was another pretty relaxed morning. We had breakfast at home and then got the week's grocery shopping out of the way before heading North to Pretoria. After Taste, and on my quest for a decent Dim Sum experience after China, I looked up Padbok. It was in Pretoria, and it was offering a Dim Sum Sunday special. Initially we wanted to take the Gautrain, but unfortunately the busses apparently don't run on weekends, so the additional 40min estimated walk by Google Maps from the Hatfield station ruled that option. Disappointing, Gautrain, disappointing.

Anyway, we decided that while we were there, we'd give Searching for Sugarman a second attempt at Brooklyn Mall, across the road. Our dim sum was alright, not amazing variety. The sushi was nice enough, but I'm not really a fan of sushi without mayo. It was a nice lunch, regardless, but I wouldn't schlep out there again for it. Even if it was closer. Sadly they were all out of the Japanese Gyoza we'd tried at Taste :(

Would you believe that after wandering the mall to kill time, the power in the whole centre went out about 5mins after we sat down in the cinema, as the movie was about to start. #sigh. We drove home. We now believe we are simply not meant to watch this movie ;)

We had a very lazy rest of the afternoon at home :) True bliss, all weekend.

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