Monday, November 12, 2012


I so wasn't ready for this weekend to end ... for one thing, I haven't had a lazy morning with The Trucker since last Saturday, and there's no chance this weekend either (I'm off to Cape Town!).

But, that aside, the weekend was certainly an improvement on last week! He headed off to visit him mom in the Free State for Friday night (it had been his gran's birthday on Thursday). He did invite me to go along, but I decided to stay here after our rocky week. Easing back into things slowly.

I had a good Friday evening. Drinks after work and then I got myself a Chicken Mahknie & some butter naan and settled in front of the TV to watch True Blood. Unfortunately I don't have the season finale, which does kinda put a damper on things ... but anyway. The real plus side was that after a week of almost complete silence between The Trucker and I, we were messaging plenty on Friday. So the distance was good to remind us that we did want to be together.

On Saturday morning I did some random admin. Took the Bundles to the vet, well only Rex & Coal. They both needed a nail clipping and Coal has been worrying me lately ... my usual vet wasn't there, but hopefully I'll hear from him this week. I have a horrible feeling she's not doing that well :( I suppose she is 4 years old this month.

Anyway, The Trucker only came over at about 15h30 before we headed off to the Linkin Park concert at 16h00. We headed thru and parked the car near to the exit and enjoyed an impromptu Woolies picnic :)

Sheesh, I'd never been to the FNB Stadium / Soccer City before. It is a truly impressive structure. And inside it's massive! And it was packed. Thank goodness it didn't rain!

Unfortunately, I don't think they've quite figured out the acoustics for the place yet tho. I think the Kongos were okay, but I only knew 2 or 3 of their songs and I definitely couldn't have learned any lyrics to the others from what I heard on Saturday night :P

Linkin Park eventually came on (I think the almost hour between bands was a little long). In the end they were pretty awesome and I'm super glad I went and saw them. They've been on my See-Live list for almost forever! But their acoustics also didn't start out very well. We all sort of sat there staring as they started the first song, thinking I'm sure I know this, but what is it? What is he saying? It did improve tho. And perhaps it was just a matter of their sort of lyrics, either very fast or screamed. I dunno. But by the end my voice was hoarse from singing along. Loved it.

Oh, and sometime in the middle of the show, I looked up into the sky and saw a shooting star. It was amazing :)

On Sunday morning, The Trucker was up and off before 6am for the 94.7 Mountain Bike Race. He did so well, did the 30km in just over 2hrs. I'm proud, it was his first race :) I slept in and then headed off to Newscafe with a bunch of the SCM crowd for their R20 early bird breakfast deal.

Then I did some grocery shopping before heading home. The Trucker cam over and we had a very relaxed afternoon, including a 2hr nap for him. He made us pasta for dinner. Unfortunately it was overly rich and we were both feeling over-full by the time we headed to bed. It was a cabonara and it had such potential ;) But still, just watching him in the kitchen makes my heart skip.

We watched Rock of Ages. Rubbish. I don't actually know how we sat thru all 2hrs of it, more especially because The Trucker hates musicals. I'd heard Tom Cruise was pretty good in it. And it had a rather star-studded cast. But it was like a poor attempt at Coyote Ugly. Urgh. Anyway.

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