Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Oh, another thing I completely forgot ... I am absolutely loving my little garden in it's over grown summer glory at the moment. And I'm feeding the birds like a crazy person. I love sitting on my bench, barely reading my book, watching the birds & bunnies at play. And this weekend I had some new bird-types join in. The regulars are Weavers & Sparrows.

I get a few Cape Robins quite often. Then there is an Indian Myna pair (they're a bit annoying) and a Common Bulbul pair (I like them, they come for the fruit) that are around on weekends when I put out more than the usual seed. I fill a feeding tray with banana, grated cheese and peanut butter.

Sadly they haven't found my nectar feeder yet :(

This weekend I saw my first Mannikin (I had 2 of them around). And my all-time favourite, I had 3 Red Bishop birds at one time :) I love their colouring, it contrasts so nicely with the Weaver boys.

And I saw a White Eye on the weekend too, which I have never seen in Joburg before. We used to have loads of them in Cape Town tho.

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Louisa said...

I clicked on all your bird links - so cool to see what they are called in English. The Afrikaans names are very different!

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