Monday, November 26, 2012

We'll be Ostriches

Well, it was a surprisingly good weekend. Although a confusing one, but I am not dwelling on that. I had a rough Friday, anticipating my soon-to-be single status ... :( But The Trucker, bless him, went on with life as if nothing had ever happened. Seriously?

So yes, as I said, confusing. I know it's not ideal, and I still have to anticipate the coming crash, but for now I just want to enjoy what I have with him. We had a lovely weekend together, although other friends of ours weren't as lucky :( @Toxic_Mouse and his girlf broke up on Friday night. Seriously, there is something going around in the air. Bizarrely I was never really sure which of us couples would bring an end to our fledgling dinner club. At any given point in time, it could've been any one of us.

On Friday evening, The Trucker and I had an evening at home with pizza. This weekend has been horrendous for the eating plan. But I was finally feeling like I'd actually made a massive difference weight-wise so took the weekend off. Seriously, I finally bought new jeans this weekend. Although the Skinny Jeans still make me feel self-conscious (and why do they make them in size 38, 40 and 42 ... ?) and nearly brought a teary end to my shopping spree. The Trucker persevered and sent me back into the changing room time after time, even getting involved and asking the sales-ladies. Haha. Surreal. But he is a brilliant clothes shopper. In the sense that he walks in and stocks up on everything he needs without batting an eyelid. Me, I suck. And inevitably leave with nothing but a bad mood.

Anyway, we had a lovely lazy Saturday morning. We so needed it, it has been ages. We went for breakfast, we did some shopping admin. And then in the afternoon I left him relaxing at my house and headed off to Fresh at Hands on Retreat for High Tea. The weather wasn't exactly ideal, but it was still quite nice. The service is a bit erratic, but the nibbles were tasty (a few too few savouries for my liking). And of course taking 2 hours out on a Saturday afternoon to chat with some girls is never a bad thing :)

In the evening we headed to Simply Asia for some of their delish Tom Yum Goong and spring rolls. We followed that with some sushi at a new place that's opened next door. The Trucker has been craving sushi ... but there was nothing worthwhile showing at the movies (Bond has yet to open), which is when we usually have sushi.

When we got home, we watched End of Watch. I knew nothing about it, but apparently it got quite a high IMDB rating, and I do like Jake Gyllenhaal. I'd recommend it, the dialog and the characters are brilliant.

On Sunday The Trucker was up earlyish for cricket. I decided to get a head start at the shops. Turned out his cricket was cancelled (cause the pitch was soaked) so we headed to Cresta for some breakfast and shopping. We had a lazy Sunday afternoon at home and he made some delish curry for dinner. Yoh.

So yeah, we didn't talk that much about what had been said on Thursday. I did ask him if he'd go and speak to someone (like a therapist) in the next 2 weeks about it. To find out if it's really a not-negotiable for him. I looked at our lives this weekend and I really think we can do this ... I really want us to. I want him to realise that deciding to have kids with someone you actually want and who loves you is better than bailing and no doubt ending up having an Oopsie with some random person. But yeah, you can't change someones mind, you just have to hope they see things differently themselves. So for now I am trying very hard not to get my hopes up after such a lovely weekend together, he could just be avoiding the situation entirely.

This hasn't got any easier.

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