Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This week has been okay. Nothing too exciting or out of the norm. Yes, life between The Trucker and I is continuing as normal. But I had mentioned in passing on Saturday morning that maybe he could go speak to someone "professional" about this, get some perspective from a neutral source. It was literally mentioned in passing and he said he'd try.

So on Monday I decided to be proactive and tried to set up a couples counseling session for us. I was kinda half expecting him to agree (he's not opposed to such things, which is unheard of to me!) and half to complain about how busy he is etc. etc. But he replied later in the day to say that he'd actually already set up a session with his therapist (I think he went previously when his dad died).

Wow. I am trying to not get my hopes up here. I am a little nervous that all the therapy session might do is confirm more solidly for him that having kids in the next few years is NOT something he actually wants to do. I kinda think it'd have been more likely to go my way with a couples session but this way I'm not there to give my side. I guess tho he has a point and he needs to figure this out for himself. And I am floored and amazed at this wonderful boy who has heard what I said and actually gone and done it without any nagging or reminding or prodding. I am one lucky girl, for now anyways.

It's this weird contrary situation where I'm trying not to get even more attached or in love with this boy, but still trying to soak up all the awesomeness I can in case it is nearly over :( For now we are just basking in mutual adoration and love ... which may make it all the more difficult if this goes badly. At least if he comes back from that therapy session and says that nope, he just can't do it, I'll hopefully be able to console myself with the fact he did everything he could, it wasn't a flippant decision at all.

Anyway, enough of the heavy stuff, the week has been quite nice. On Monday evening I went to dinner with @WhizBangLouLou. It has been *ages*. We stuck with tradition and went to Adega for their kilo of prawns :) Sadly for us tho, their website is horribly out of date and we planned (and drove) to go to their Greenside branch. Only to pull up outside a construction site. So we headed to Bryanston, one we knew would still be there! Although still a construction site :P The food was delish, as always. You really never go wrong with those prawns! But I couldn't eat a full kilo. Seriously people this has never happened with prawns.

Yesterday I worked from home. Partly because our projects are out of synch and there is very little happening work-wise for me at the moment. And I managed to get to the Licensing Department and finally get my car transferred into my own name.

Last night I went to SCM Dinner while The Trucker played Action Cricket. And he came over after. Awe. Adore. This. Boy.

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