Monday, January 28, 2013


Morning. Shew. This being single thing is hard work. I have 2 mails to reply to after I finish this. I know, maybe that doesn't sound like hard work ... but getting to know people is actually exhausting. Coming up with new questions to ask. Got any suggestions ?

The rest of last week was fairly quiet. Stayed in on Wednesday, Thursday and actually Friday evening. Which was great :) I got my Kindle all set up and good to go and I even started reading my first book on it yesterday! I am loving it, can't believe it took me this long :) I resigned from real Book Club tho. I've stocked up on 30 books for my Kindle so am definitely not gonna have time to read anything else.

On Friday evening I stayed for after-work drinks and then grabbed some Indian take-out on my way home and settled in with some series :) On Saturday I was up at a reasonable hour to go and exchange the light bulbs for my Vietnam lamps. Everything was completed on Wednesday but the bulbs I'd bought didn't actually fit into the lamps so that was a bit annoying. But I can tell you, everything is now 100%. All the electrical work in my house is done (until such time as I may need a plug point for an extractor fan in the new kitchen ...) and I am so thrilled with it :)

After that I headed thru to Doppio in Rosebank for breakfast with @samanthaperry followed by a stroll down to Circa on Jellicoe to check out the Anthea Pokroy I Collect Gingers exhibition. I specifically wanted to go this weekend (or last) to catch the Beezy Bailey one as well. Loved it. So nice to do something a little different. Although I was surprised at how little space 500 portraits take up. And the most amusing thing really was that between the two of us, we recognised about 7 people. There's something very interesting about seeing the variation of people all grouped together like that.

After that I can't remember what I did. I ended up heading home with bags of stuff tho so obviously went shopping. It was all little bits and pieces ... and then I had a relaxing afternoon. In the evening I headed off to @Arkwife's for a braai ... and a set-up. She had this friend she thought I should meet. Haha. It turned out to be a great evening, although we only ate at 10pm. I think I've forgotten how braais go!

Sunday was a lovely relaxing day. I woke up and chilled out and finished my book while the bunnies ran and the birds visited. So thrilled I seem to have a regular Crested Barbet :) Love them. And then I got the grocery shopping out of the way and headed off to Emmerentia to meet up with @samanthaperry for a picnic with my Kindle in a shady spot. Emmerentia got too loud and I headed home for some more quality time with my new gadget. It does take a little getting used to ... even on the smallest font there is way less text per page than a regular book. And the whole one-side thing takes some getting used to.

And that was about my weekend. I find I miss The Trucker mostly when I'm driving home after being out. You know, when you know there's no one at home waiting for you or that you're not going home with someone who is part of your little unit. I can't explain it properly. But that's when I miss him. I missed him on Sunday morning as well. I don't know why, I used to hardly see him on a Sunday, what with him playing cricket. Maybe that's exactly why, because that's the day I don't expect him to be around but I know he's coming over later ... well he's not anymore so my system seems to still get a little jolt at that realisation. #sigh :(

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