Thursday, January 24, 2013

This is Real Life

Well, it's a good thing I decided to write this morning and had something else to keep my post busy with yesterday.

This morning I'm feeling upbeat and good. Yesterday I was a puddle. Yes, I still have those moments ... I have to keep reminding myself that that is okay because it hasn't even been 2 months since things ended with The Trucker. Shew. So, just so you know, I am mostly okay ... I'd say for at least 85% of the time. Life has adjusted and swung into a new rhythm. I no longer have the jolt of panic over losing him when I wake up. Now I either have a sunken feeling of singleness or nothing at all.

And I am keeping busy :) On Monday night I went for sushi with TheBrad. Great to catch up and get some boy-perspective on things. One thing I will say, ever person I know who is single (it just reads weird when you write "every single person") complains about the same things ... where does one meet new people when we're our age and our social groups are so established?

On Tuesday evening I went to SCM Dinner. Happily I was able to give @samanthaperry some of my old jeans in trade for hers last week :) This whole swap-meet thing is freaking cool actually.

On Wednesday I was supposed to go for drinks with @Justinrender, but we rain-checked.

I had the Eco-Insulation guys come round yesterday afternoon and give me a quote. I signed on the dotted line and the installation should be going ahead in 3 weeks :) YAY. I am super excited about this. I can't wait to feel the difference in my sweltering house.

And I'm making great strides in my multi-pronged approach to meeting new people :) Am back on Internet Dating and putting in a little more effort (already started a conversation with someone), I've signed up for one of the Meet Joburg February events. I have plenty of friends helping out too, organising braais and parties with new people that I don't know (okay so that's not the actual reason for the parties, but it's a giant plus for me regardless). And I'm planning a party for March.

It's a pretty cool idea that I had before I started dating The Trucker and never ended up organising. I'm calling it a Six Degrees Singles Party. Basically everyone who comes has to bring a Single friend of the opposite sex. That way everyone knows someone there and is connected to everyone thru the other people there ... I've never been one for those random meetings in a club. I preferred the days in Cape Town when if you did meet someone in a club (in Claremont) you could track back to someone in common thru school and mutual friends. I like it better that way. Plus if someone catches your eye you know how to a) get more background on them and b) how to get in touch with them again ;) We're waiting till March because we're anticipating ending up with 20 - 30 people and need a suitable venue (my house won't cut it).

Mom is also sending me for Brain Training in February. She tried it last year and suggested it. I'm keen to try :)

Yes, I'm still sad. But I'm determined to be okay and life will go on. I think the hardest part for me at the moment (it's weird to be able to see almost tangibly how your thinking shifts day-to-day) is that I feel like my life has been rewound back to 2010. Yes, I know I had this awesome relationship and some great experiences and holidays and feelings, but it is a little bit like I was in a coma and it was all imaginary and unreal and awesome but now I've woken, back where I left off ... does that even make sense? I've never felt this way about a relationship before.

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Anna Banana said...

I love this post because I can relate to it so much. I am keeping busy, internet dating too and meeting new people. But it's exactly how you describe it - it felt like it was unreal and now I've woken up. I've even had a mini rebound relationship after I dated Kryptonite. I read somewhere that it's not a 'break-up', it's a 'wake-up'. How apt. Glad you're feeling better each day :)

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