Friday, February 01, 2013

Never Give Up

Hello February. Yes really. Sheesh. Feeling alright this morning. It's a wonder what a good full night of sleep will do for you :)

I need some more downtime than I'm allowing myself I think ... So this week. Yes, Tuesday was SCM Dinner and Wednesday was @bronwyngale's farewell :( Awe, was her last day at work yesterday. Sad face. But a bunch of us girls from work went out to Cafe Della Salute and had an awesome evening. The restaurant was okay, but I wouldn't mission to Sandton to go back there specifically. We shared a haloumi starter and then I had their Snob pasta.

And then last night I collapsed on my couch. Doing all 3 days at Boot Camp this week definitely exhausted me. Plus I couldn't get to sleep on Wednesday night. And then there was this gorgeous storm that came over at about 23h30 .. .and I'd left my car outside so there I was at almost midnight traipsing outside in my PJs to move my car in the spitting raining, in case it hailed. Because life is like that :P

Anyway. My weekend is already fully booked and I am so looking forward to it :) And next week shows no signs of slowing down ...

I think of The Trucker daily. But (I think) it's affecting me less. Like you become immune or something. Or you just have no more emotion left to feel. Sometimes I do feel a little numb. Like all the stuff I'm doing to keep busy, I'm trying to find something that makes me feel something ... Finding new things that make me happy. Haven't found something that makes me feel as light as dating The Trucker did tho. Does that makes sense? The lightness of life we feel when everything feels that it is as it should be? That. I miss that. I want that again.

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