Friday, February 08, 2013

One Week

One Blissful Week. Well, almost. At this time last Friday, I still didn't know (or even have a clue) how my life was about to swing full turn and change spectacularly.

And things are amazing. I am reveling in the sweet satisfaction of back-together-ness. We've had a very ordinary week. We haven't fallen right back to where we left off. We seem to appreciate each other more.

On Tuesday evening, I went to SCM and The Trucker went to Action Cricket. He came home to me after. We stayed up till almost midnight chatting and catching up still. One of the things we talked about was moving in together.

On Wednesday we (both!) spent the day browsing Private Property and even messaged a few people about potential places! I'm going to move out of my lovely little house to move in with the boy I love. While we can stay there temporarily, and we are, it's just not practical for us to live there together. I only have one garage, with the parking bay right in front of it. So he has to wake up early when I leave every morning and move his car so I can go to work ... and his pajero doesn't fit in the garage. And he's getting a new car today (a Golf GTI?). But they're still keeping the pajero (his company) ... so we need an extra parking spot. And anyone who's visited me know how far away any visitor parking is from my front door! Haha.

And I have nought cupboard space ... well I did. I did a massive (MASSIVE!) clear out and clean up on Wednesday afternoon and made some (not even half!) space for him in my cupboard, which he'll start filling up this evening. And there is no space for his furniture and what not. And there is the consideration of his sister & niece who are still living with him .... finger's crossed she gets the job she's got an interview for tomor and can get her own place soon :)

At the moment we're weighing up a bunch of options, but we're talking, and we're serious. We're not going to buy just yet ... we'll discuss that again at the end of the year ;) And we're gonna get a puppy (he is dying to have a dog again! So am I). Yes folks, shit just got real.

On Wednesday evening I met him for dinner at Doppio Zero after he'd been to gym. We had a lovely evening.

On Thursday I worked from home and we had breakfast on the veranda before he left. Later I met him for lunch and we went to try out mattresses. No, that is not a euphemism, he wants to buy a new one. A new mattress. For *my* 4-poster bed. In the evening he had cricket again and I made dinner. When he got home we sat outside, under my gorgeous newly lit lights, and ate. Life is so good :)

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