Monday, February 11, 2013

Xmas in February

Hello there Monday morning. The weekend was pretty cool. On Friday I left work early and did my second Brain Harmonics session. Then when I got home, The Trucker had planned a little surprise date night and took me for a really delish meal at 1920 (which I'd only found out about on Wednesday when I was looking for a restaurant to go to).

We started with their 1920 Chouriço to share, which was delish. I hit a winner with my 1920 Chicken Trinchado main. It's not a normal trinchado, it's in a peanut butter sauce, but it was so yummy. Wow. The Trucker had their beef trinchado which also was good. I do love a good trinchado :) We also shared a very nice Lindt chocolate mousse for dessert. Now, I won't lie, the service did deteriorate over the evening, we asked for the bill 3 times. But by the time we were ready to leave, their little restaurant was packed to the brim and turning people away. So I'd say it's worth it. Will definitely be going back.

At home we watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I'd heard it was quite good. Neither of us was too blown-away. Star-studded cast tho!

Oh, and The Trucker got his awesome new car on Friday too :) It is pretty damn, cool! :D

On Saturday morning I was up early again to do my final Brain Harmonics session. I'm not really sure about it, the report after my assessment they gave me did feel a little horoscope-y one-size-fits all. But Mom was paying and she has heard great things about it. I am not sure how you tell if any of it relates back to the Brain Harmonics or just your life in general. I mean, I'm obviously happier right now than I was 2 weeks ago ... But look at how things have turned around since then. So anyway, I'll reserve judgement for now. But what I will say is that I have noticed a change in my sleeping. Well, not in my sleeping but in my waking. There were nights last week where I definitely got far less sleep than I should've. You know late night talking and catching up on 2 months apart and all that, and still waking at 5:30am for work ... but I didn't feel exhausted at all. Apparently that is one of the Brain Harmonics things, you get better quality sleep. So that's a plus that I am seeing that I reckon can only be ascribed to it. It's a nice perk :)

The Trucker went to meet his mom for breakfast while I was busy and then we both met up back at home. We went and did some shopping, we have my cousin's dress-up 21st in 2 weeks. Yay, another trip to Cape Town coming up next week! So happy that this time he'll be coming with me, as it should be <3 And then raced home to make trifle for 20 people!

We had a Xmas in February party on Saturday evening at DJMike's place (they were on honeymoon in December). What a blast. The house was decorated appropriately, there was a whole crowd of us and the food was divine, as always. Such good food :) Our trifle came out really well too!

On Sunday morning it was The Trucker's turn for an early morning while I lazed in bed, he had cricket at 8:45am. While he did that I did some general house admin, sorting and grocery shopping. When he got home we relaxed, I made lunch and he napped while I watched series. Later we headed over to some of his friends for a swim and a braai with the best home-made burgers I've had in ages! Yum. I also got to watch The Trucker playing with their 3yr old son. My boy really has changed his opinion on kids, if I needed any proof, this was it <3

Before bed we watched Life of Pi because The Trucker hadn't seen it. It wasn't as awe-inspiring the second time ...

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