Monday, March 04, 2013

I do Love a Mini-Break

Wow. What a weekend. I had serious Sunday blues last night. But more on that later.

Friday was a wonderfully rainy evening so we got some Indian take-out from the Mumbai Palace and watched Argo. I really quite enjoyed it :) It's an interesting story and I do so love things that inspire me to go and find out more after seeing or reading about them! I'd recommend people watch this one.

On Saturday morning we were up super early so that we could get on the road to Sun City! Whoop whoop. Can you believe that in all my very nearly 9 years of living here in Joburg I have never been to Sun City before? Okay, after having been, I'm unlikely to be heading back soon so I guess it's not that unbelievable - haha. But I am glad I've now been and we had a fun day :)

We stopped for a quick brekkie at Wimpy in Harties and arrived at Sun City at about 9:30am. I'm a little blown away at the fact that you have to pay *twice* to get into the Valley of Waves. Seriously? Anyway, we waited ages for the transport to get from the parking lot to the casino ... there is a little sky-train we were told could only take 20 at a time (on our return tho, when we did catch it it had big signs saying max 50 passengers, so not sure why they were making people queue!). So we waited for buses ... which they eventually sent (they started out with a single mini-bus).

Anyway, I'm glad we went on Saturday, it was quite overcast and not as sweltering hot as it could've been! We did a few of the super tubes (not really my thing), we played in the wave pool, which is quite nice, I lazed on the grass reading my kindle and then we all moved up to the top pool, which was really cool. There were definitely moments where it was a little chilly but the sun came out and warmed us up again :)

We had some lunch at the Steers and The Trucker and I took a "spin" around the lazy river. And then the boys (we were there with @Toxic_Mouse and his current girl as well) took a few more trips down the Tower of Courage before we headed off.

We drove thru Sun City and into Pilanesberg and took a meandering drive to our overnight spot at Bakgatla Resort. Shew, I can NOT believe how many Rhino we saw on our drive. It was quite amazing :) And surprisingly no Elephant (since that is a staple of The Trucker & I on game drives). But we seem to be continuing out no-big-cats curse :( Hopefully we can turn that around at Kruger in April!

It was raining as we arrived but we had an awesome evening braai-ing ... far too much food :)

We had a bit of a lazy morning on Sunday, breakfast at the Resort restaurant and then off on another bit of a game drive before heading home. The most exciting thing we saw was a Caracal with her 2 little cubs (I am gonna try get a pic up later). That was pretty awesome :) So cute, the cubs were at that tumbling all over each other exploring age :)

On the way home we stopped at The Black Horse Brewery for lunch. Lovely setting, good beer (even for me!) and yummy food :)

We proceeded to crash on the couch for the rest of Sunday (after getting the grocery shopping and unpacking out of the way!).

Have I mentioned how much I adore my boyfriend. OMG so much. I am so impossibly spoilt. *swoon* Life is pretty damn amazing. Isn't typical then that work sucks at the moment. I really have no inclination or interest in my job at the moment :( Am considering starting to hunt for a new one. Can you believe May will be 5 years since I started here ... longest ever! I dunno what to do, finding a new job seems so daunting. And I won't lie it feels a little like I'm stuck in a Frying Pan (staying) vs. Fire (going) sort of situation here. Anyway, so aside from the joy my non-work life is giving me, my work-life is pretty meh at the moment :(

Oh, and one quick other thing. So, there is this Blogging competition on for 16 bloggers to exchange lives & blogs with someone, somewhere else around the world for a week in June ... So um, yeah, you know me, how much I love travel. Could you click on this link and give me a vote? Thanks :)

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