Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Still Get The Blues

Meh. Woke up in a weird mood this morning. Yes, even tho life is pretty much the perfect example of awesome these moods still arrive ... I guess there is something to be said for a hormone fluctuation.

Actually I think the thing really weighing me down is work. I woke up with that terrified in the pit of my stomach feeling. That This is My Life feeling ... the overwhelmed-by-responsibility clues. I find in those moods you just have to wait for it to pass before you make any sudden moves or decisions. This too shall pass. Tomorrow everything won't seem so impossible and insurmountable. And now I know I have my Trucker next to me ... even when he's having a bad day too. So of course everything will be okay!

I don't know what to do about work. I have a horrible gut feeling that I don't really know what my dream job would even be ... so how can I look for a new position? And I have doubt. I've never really known how to sell myself. And now I've been here doing this job for almost 5 years, do I know how to do anything else? I'm pretty senior here and can trust my decisions on projects, from experience. I'm terrified of a new environment ... what if I can't? So yeah, I'm pretty certain that's what triggered this morning's mood. I just want everything to work out and not be hard and there not to be upheaval ...

I think sometimes this feeling also comes from feeling rushed off my feet. I've been busy (socially), I know. And it's not slowing down till after next weekend. It's hard to say no to a whole slab of Cadbury Bubbly! Haha.

Oh, and in other upheaval stories, we went to look at 2 more houses yesterday. Both were quite the step up from the first place, Thank Goodness! The one needs quite a bit of work, which the owner is planning on doing between tenants. And the other, well it was just about perfect. But we can't take it because, even with 3 bedrooms, it still has the exact same parking set up as my house (which is one of the major reasons we need a new place, what with y car, The Trucker's car, the pajero and his bike). And they sound like they have very strict pet policies. Which always worries me for the bunnies :( I never know if I shouldn't mention them at all or be honest ... they're quiet and not going to bother anyone, which is really the only reason I can see for requiring people to register their pets anyway (no one cares about those 10 goldfish you have, you know?). But still, this place is double storey (which The Trucker loves, I don't see the appeal of stairs) so the neighbours can see into the garden ... so keeping the bunnies a secret could backfire :P Anyway, so sadly it's a no ... Still need to decide on the first place.This is so much harder than I thought.

Oh, but Thanks to everyone who has voted for me so far on the Big Blog Exchange. Although I'm no where near the top 16, I am in the top 100 ... for now, there is still more than a month left to vote.

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