Friday, March 22, 2013

Life is Good!

Wowee. What an awesome public holiday. But far too much eating out. The Trucker and I are not being very good at sticking to the eating plan at all. You'd think with us both on it it would be easier, but it's not - haha. Ah well, I'm happy with the improvements I've made since September 2012 and since I haven't changed since the beginning of December, I'm feeling okay about it all :)

Whew, a bit of a side-track there. Just feeling a little guilty, I guess :) On Wednesday evening we headed thru to The Good Luck Club for dinner. Shew, I do love that place. It has replaced Cranks for me, since that has closed down. We started with sharing 2 portions of Spring rolls: Chicken, Avo and mozzarella spring rolls and Prawn summer rolls. Then we shared their Beef in Satay Sauce and their Red Chicken and Prawn Curry. Lovelovelove that place.

I fell asleep while The Trucker watched Jack Reacher when we got home.

Then on Thursday morning, we had a public holiday :D Big grin. I do love a public holiday! We didn't get much of a late sleep. Firstly Gypsy was allowed into our room while we slept ... and started playing at 4:30am. Yes, she has a name :) Well, The Trucker is still considering options cause although it seemed right initially he doesn't think it quite fits. But we'll see ... for now that's it.

Then we'd planned a bike ride on The Trucker's motor bike. It's the one he bought in Cape Town over Xmas. It's been in for a service and he finally got it back and I was dying to go for a spin. It's a BMW Touring bike (whatever that means .... apparently it has to do with how upright you sit, or something).

So we headed out at 8am and took a ride out towards Cradle and then all the way back (via Brixton apparently) to Salvation Cafe for breakfast. It has been too long since we were there too! Yum, I do so love their Haloumi Wrap. Winning at life :)

We had an appointment to view another potential house at 11am. And yes folks, we think we've found "The One" (or at least the temporary one till we buy a place together, but I wanted to try out this whole living together thing for a bit first). It's one road up from where The Trucker is currently renting (where his sister is staying, now that he is living at my house), which is about 1.5km from my house. It needs a little work, which the landlord is willing to do apparently and it seems like it will be perfect for us :) He's meeting the agent with all our paper work this morning to sign the lease hopefully :D If it goes ahead we will probably start renting from mid-April and do a phased move of our stuff to the new place and then his sister's stuff into my place (she'll be renting from me). And then he'll be able to give notice on 01 April to his current landlord. Very very exciting! A whole new life feels like it's starting this week: new pet and new house, all completely shared <3 It's a feeling I can't explain and I've never quite had before ...

We had a pretty relaxing afternoon. Except for some shopping for Gypsy ... she needed more food and we're trying out a new litter and, of course, some new toys! Haha. Bunny-Cat Bonding is going slowly. The Bunnies have ventured into the house to smell her and I put her outside in her cat box while they were running around ... only Rex really showed any interest in this yowling kitty. And she did investigate them while they were in their hutch a bit more too. We'll try that a bit longer before letting them free together.

In the evening we headed to my all-time fave sushi spot in Cedar Square for dinner :) See, far to much eating out! And then another crazy kitten play-time at 3:30am. Yawn. But yay, it's Friday and we're off to Cirque this evening :)

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