Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kitty in the House

Yes, yes, I know, a kitten update is probably due ....

But really there isn't that much to tell. She seems to be settling in well, but I've never owned a kitten or a cat before so I pretty much suck at this. The Trucker is luckily taking charge. He knows what to feed her and how much. I get to be the cuddling parent :P haha.

We are taking the Bunny-Kitten introduction very slowly. I took her outside for a little on Monday and Tuesday afternoon and on Monday she was quite fascinated with them in their hutch and they were at first nervous and then curious. They sniffed at each other and almost touched noses thru the bars. On Tuesday no one was interested. I've kept her inside while letting the Bunnies run in the garden and because they are used to being allowed into the lounge, they run up to the glass sliding door. There was a fair amount of checking each other out thru the glass.

On Tuesday again tho, there was barely any interest. I put her in the spare room and opened the sliding door for the bunnies to have some "free" time .... was kinda hoping they'd come inside and smell her there. But they have steered clear both evenings.

Not quite sure where to from here but am hoping with the public holidays coming up we'll have some more opportunity. Am thinking the next step might be putting her in her cat box and letting the bunnies out and going up to her on their terms (if at all).

I need to find out about getting her claws trimmed too. She is very scratchy with me when she plays and I have a bit of an allergy (under control since I'm on a daily anti-histamine already for my Allergy-Induced Asthma) and when she scratches my skin, I get terribly itchy for ages afterwards. Plus when she actually meets the bunnies in the open I do not want her to be able to hurt them badly. Cat scratches and bites are very bad for bunnies sensitive skin which can easily get infected.

Need to get Rex's nails trimmed too ... but will definitely be doing that separately at the vet. Maybe if The Trucker and I go together we can take them at the same time and get them a little more accustomed to each other in the car while in separate boxes ... we'll see.

I think she is getting used to her new home. My favourite times with her are after my shower in the morn (before 6am), the first contact she has each morning. She is very friendly (I think she might be hungry ... she always thinks she's hungry!). And then when I get home in the afternoon ... I guess cause there's been no one around to play with her all day. She lay nicely with us on the couch while we watched TV on Monday eve but then spent the whole evening under the couch on Tuesday eve. Funny thing.

Although she is using the litter tray (albeit very messy!), she still seems to go into the bathroom and scratch the bath mats and walk in the shower looking for it (it is in the spare room with the rest of her stuff for now). But it is a good indicator for us that she needs the loo! Haha.

Shew and did she ever howl at me while I was in the shower after Boot Camp yesterday afternoon! Funny thing.

And no, she still doesn't have a name yet :( Am hoping we'll have come up with something before the end of the weekend! Suggestions welcome :)

So yeah, that's about been my week. In other exciting news, I did finally get around to putting those Caracal and Cub photos up from our Pilanesberg weekend ... check them out :) Too cute!

Oh, and I've started my American Visa application process :) Very exciting and a little nerve-wracking! Annoying how they tell you not to make any travel plans prior to getting your visa but then still ask you for the address you're staying at :P Oh and I had to quickly mail The Peeb's American hubby and ask him if I could list his folks as my American Contact Person. I mean really ... I'm going on holiday, I don't have a contact person. I'm an adult, I am just going to check out a new place in the world, why would I have a contact person there :P Oh well. Just have to figure out my Monthly Cost-to-Company and I'll be paying and booking that appointment.

Why does everyone seem to assume I know what I earn ... what I earn is completely irrelevant to me, what I know, and what is most relevant, is the amount that arrives in my bank account that I have to spend and survive on. That other number is pretty much imaginary if you ask me :P #sigh Anyway, will ask HR later :) Haha.

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