Wednesday, April 10, 2013


So I finally made my Bakewell Tart. The Trucker collected his blender and a few more eggs from his sister's place. So, if I haven't already told you the story, here it is. I was baking a childhood memory here.

One of my favourite things as a kid was Chinese Tart which my gran used to buy from the local homebakes. I haven't seen or had it in years (probably at least 20!). I've tried to figure out a recipe or the real name online before ... but you try googling Chinese Tart :P Anyway, so earlier this year I started on the mission again. Starting with Almond Tart. Unfortunately I thought it was made with Marzipan which threw my search off for a while, until I tried Iced Almond Tart. Eventually I found the Bakewell Tart recipe. The picture matched my memory of the Chinese Tart.

And so, I made it on Monday evening. Quite late, and with plenty of drama. I am not one of those people who finds cooking (and especially baking) calming. In fact I find it terribly stressful. I'm a perfectionist and very self-deprecating when it comes to my cooking and baking expectations of myself. Truth be told the food has always generally turned out okay. But I usually threaten to throw it all out at least once before it's done (more with baking than cooking, honestly). And so Monday evening went.

The Tart came out of the oven to cool just before bedtime. So I made the icing on Tuesday before Boot Camp. The flavour is how I remember, but the presentation was lacking. I made it on a baking tray so when the time came to ice it, all the icing pooled off the sides of the tart :P Oh well.

I will try to make it again in a foil container ... I have enough now to ease my craving for a while ;) Haha.

On Tuesday I went to SCM Dinner. Yay. It has been ages and so nice to see everyone again. And as you can see, Gypsy can now climb up into our bathroom basin. She is too cute :D

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Louisa said...

Hahaha! If I ever do decide to google chinese tart, I'm definitely not doing it from the office. ;-)

Looks good! I'm glad you found the recipe you were looking for.

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