Friday, April 12, 2013

So Much Eating

So on Wednesday afternoon I dropped my car off at Citroen ... to have those rear lights looked into. Should be getting it back this afternoon ... It's costing less than I thought, thank goodness. Still, a dent nonetheless. They have to replace the whole unit. Apparently it melted. That's what you get for driving a 5+yr old car, wear and tear. Fair enough. And In the meantime I get to use The Trucker's GTI :)

I was craving Lucky Moo for dinner. But they are far far away ... so instead we browsed thru some of my recipe books and settled on Sarah Britten's Peanut Sesame Chicken. I knew we'd had it before ... but until I searched the blog, I didn't realise when. The good news is it wasn't nearly as momentous a dinner :) Things here are still all washed in rose-tinted colours and love and heart shaped bubbles <3 It was delish.

The Trucker tried to make a rice pudding ... I prefer sago, honestly, but I did have a taste. Apparently he used the wrong rice. I'm still not convinced about rice as dessert ... or rice in general, to be honest. But he seemed to enjoy it.

Yesterday I went for dinner with @Toxic_Mouse's ex girlf. Has been ages, but it was so lovely to catch up :) We had dinner at Coobs ... which was on my Date Night list. And I will definitely be going again sometime with The Trucker. What a great little spot! And finally somewhere that has parking in Parkhurst (at the back of the Town Square centre)! I almost went with 2 starters just for the variety, but in the end settled on one of their specials, the Duck Pot Pie with honey-glazed veggies. So yummy! We shared their Churros for dessert. What a great evening.

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