Monday, April 22, 2013

Last Pre-Thirty Three Weekend

So I had quite a nice weekend (aren't they all :) ). It was raining spectacularly on Friday ... and Saturday morning. So lovely to wake up to the sound of the rain :) Love it.

On Friday evening we stayed in and had warm tomato soup and grilled cheese toasts for dinner. That is honestly one of my favourite dinners (Woolies Tomato Soup FTW!), and this weather definitely called for it :)

On Saturday morning we were up at a reasonable hour. We made breakfast at home ... I'd seen Harissa Eggs in Purgatory from Skinny Taste on Pinterest during the week and mailed it to The Trucker. We do love our Harissa :) OMG it was so devine. We had toast with chicken rashers topped with the Harissa Eggs ... So so good.

Then it was off to get some admin out of the way. Part of that admin was switching The Trucker's SIM card so he could start using his brand new iPhone 5. Which is very exciting because that means I inherited his Samsung Galaxy S2. Big Smiles :D No more Blackberry for me .... yeah, I guess I could've waited for my upgrade (01 May) but apparently the new specials only come out on the 7th of each month (Vodacom). And currently the Samsung S3 (which is what I actually want) is a little out of how much I can rationally spend ... since I also suddenly have to start buying data for it too! But the good news is  that the S4 should be arriving with their new deals. Which should significantly bring down the price of the S3 for me :) So I think I'll prob stick on the S2 for a month or two and then upgrade again. Yay, I can not tell you how pleased I am to be off Blackberry! That and I've been dying to use Instagram :)

So yeah, the rest of the afternoon was spent setting up and playing with our phones. I thought I might be able to get away with a 250Mb data bundle ... I only use Facebook and Twitter really ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am definitely going to have to upgrade to 500Mb. Sheesh. Currently I have switched to the office wifi :P I think I've used up my pro-rata-ed April bundle already :P

And then on Saturday evening we headed South, to Wembley Stadium for Skate Wars! On of The Trucker's friends was skating as a Rookie for Starship Troopers ... and one of the girls from Boot Camp is a Hellcat.

Okay, so Wembley Stadium isn't really an amazing venue ... but I guess it suited the purpose on Saturday night. It was pretty close to full. I was impressed by the organisation of the event generally, glad to see they had paramedics on stand-by who were quick to the ring the 4 or so times someone went down.

But, the sound was shit. We couldn't decipher a word being said into the microphone, which probably would've helped. It started with some weird parkour, which really just involved a few boys jumping over boxes and patting each other on the back a lot. There were 2 bouts of Roller Derby, made up of 30 Jams each (which should be approx 2mins each). It gets a bit long when it's such a fast moving game ... although they printed the rules for everyone, I have no idea how the scoring worked. But there was a giant scoreboard, which definitely made things more enjoyable :) The second half was also far more entertaining than the first. The girls really seemed to be getting into the swing of it and things got messier. It came down to a nail biting finish with the Starship Troopers, who were well in the lead at half time, coming down neck-and-neck with Mars Attacks in the last 5 jams, with the whole stadium cheering and shouting for their teams. Starship Troopers managed to take it (yay because that was the team I was supporting) 192 to 189.

There was some rubbish singing by who-knows-who in half time and after the bouts as well ... again, probably more down to the shit sound quality than anything else, I couldn't really say because I have no idea what they were singing.

I'm glad I went and saw a real Roller Derby bout. It was definitely more fun than the practice session we watched.

On Sunday morning The Trucker was supposed to have his first LMS cricket game ... early. But they cancelled because of all the rain we'd had. Yay. We headed out to get the grocery shopping done and had a lazy afternoon. He's got a bee in his bonnet and has been making Body Wash all weekend. So we got some containers for it (we have 4 varieties now ... 2 because he bought Mens Dove soap ... I think they make that stuff stink! And so there is one for me too. And one with soap I brought him back from Duty Free in Dubai ... which has solidified :P oops). I am not really sold on it just yet, but will reserve comment till I've used it a while.

We made pizza for dinner and watched The Impossible. OMG. It was hectic. It really made me think about how dreadful it must've been there in 2004. After so long we tend to forget ... But sheesh, seriously. Hectic, emotionally draining movie.

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