Friday, April 05, 2013

Thankfully Short Week

It's been a thankfully short week. I had dinner at Ghazal's (again, but at least another branch) with @jarredcinman. Was awesome to see him and catch up again :)

On Wednesday, The Trucker came home from his trip to Cape Town - YAY! I think I miss him more now that we live together and I'm used to seeing him all day. While I do miss the cuddles and kisses, it's more the having someone to bounce things in your head off and just a sense of security and stability that he provides. Wow. You know you don't even realise you feel those things sometimes and they just sneak up on you. I am a lucky girl <3

But he had to go to work about 15mins after he arrived home and came home a while later. Poor guy. He was out again last night dealing with some other work issues, at least that could be done over dinner with @Toxic_Mouse. Still, I feel like I have barely seen him.

There is other stuff afoot. Job stuff. So I have had a bit of a stressful week ... guess that is why I particularly noticed The Trucker's absence in the way that I did.

Oh, and there is other good news :) My Passport is ready for collection with my American Visa inside! Yay. Dunno if I'll be able to collect it today tho, might have to wait till Monday. And then we start all over again for our Bermuda visa ... which I found out is actually a UK visa, so another giant expensive (over R1000 !) schlep. Oh well.

What else ...? Can't think of anything.

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