Thursday, March 28, 2013


Shew so much going on ... thank goodness I have a nice long weekend to look forward to :)

On Monday I had a nice evening home alone because The Trucker was working late. He ended up working late on Tuesday too, but I had other plans. I headed off to Ghazal's for dinner with @Rubyletters and @Arkwife. So lovely to catch up :)

Last night The Trucker came home a little later than usual, so we didn't get to eat dinner together, but he was still home before I was in bed, which I consider a plus :) He's off to Cape Town on Sunday till Wednesday for his uncle's wedding (I didn't go because I had to spend 1.5K on my American Visa .... my interview is later this morning - eep!). And I have booked myself up like a crazy person seeing friends while he is away. I'm actually really excited and looking forward to it :)

And there has been some more bunny kitten bonding going on :) It seems to be going quite nicely. I mean they're not bffs or anything yet ... but they seem to be less worried about each other - until Gypsy forgets that she's supposed to be calm around the bunnies and goes a bit stalkey (after birds or sometimes them) and races across the garden. Gave Lily quite a fright yesterday :)

In that one photo, Gypsy had hopped over the trellis we guard the jasmine with and Rex decided that it was safe to get up close ... was quite funny when she backed off as he stuck his nose thru! And then he got a bit of a fright when she wanted to use her paw to say hello (so glad I trimmed those nails!).

Oh and the other awesome news I got this week was my electricity bill. Yes, I know that probably sounds crazy, but I have been waiting to see the results of my geyser blanket & timer switch, my LED bulbs and my roof insulation. And there is quite a nice difference! It went from 312 units on January 22nd down to 238 units on February 20th and down even more to 186 units on March 20th! Not bad for a 2 bedroomed place with 2 people living there? It is a bit confusing tho, apparently units are kWh. And a friend of mine is paying a *lot* less per kWh than I am! She is using more and paying much less ... I am about to start an investigation into Electricity tariffs. Apparently different providers offer electricity at different rates ... and they all service different areas. So I'm pretty sure you sadly don't even have a choice in providers. In which case, WHY are they not all charging the same? I will keep you posted on my findings.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you ... we didn't get the place :( Apparently that right-of-first-refusal thing does not apply to rentals :( And the owner decided to go with the other tenants since they had kids (apparently, I'm not sure I believe the agent we were dealing with exactly). I guess after 4months of no rent, you're looking for the people who seem more stable and probably likely to settle and stay for longer. That said the folks who are living there now have kids and haven't paid their rent ... Oh well. The hunt continues, here's hoping we find an even better spot :)

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phillygirl said...

okay, so I have done some research. Either she is paying less for more kWh because of the Telescopic rates or because of the sliding scale of Peak, Standard and Off-Peak times and their different rates.

#sigh. So there is no easy way to figure this stuff out :( Guess I'll just be happy with my lower kWh and accept the charges along with everyone else in the country.

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