Thursday, April 18, 2013

Try This!

Damn, I forgot what I was going to write about ... it has been a decidedly average week. The Trucker played cricket on Monday and Tuesday evening. I had a quiet evening at home and went to SCM respectively.

The Gypsy Cat is getting a lot more friendly and I'd even hazzard to say that she's not so much of a Daddy's girl anymore either. I guess cause I'm home more and feed her more often, but I'll take it :) She's completely adorable when I'm in the bath ... she sits up on the toilet seat watching me or walks along the edge of the bath. She is so cute investigating bubbles from the bubble bath - haha!

Last night tho, I planned a mini date night for us ... My intention was to try out the spoils at the new Victory Park center. I heard that there was a great new schwarma spot to try and Joburg's answer to the Frozen Yoghurt frenzy that sounds like it has taken over Cape Town.

So off we headed, just after 7pm. Okay, so the center looks like it's been done up quite nicely (they have those parking spot availability indicator lights in the parking above the gym. But it still seems quite empty and quiet. But if you look past all that, you will not be disappointed by a schwarma at Tei Avon. Wow.

I was originally a little skeptical. I am used to Anat's style of point-and-click while building your own ... Here there was a menu. With so many options. It was a little overwhelming at first. I decided not to "make my own" and try the Mexican, but with chicken. The Trucker made his own (not literally obvs).

Omg, when mine arrived it was absolutely *huge*. I couldn't manage to eat it without a knife and fork. But so so tasty. Wow. It was seriously delish. The Trucker was impressed too. Yum. I think we may definitely have to go back.

Well we will have to go back to the center, if not for another schwarma, for the frozen yoghurt we didn't get to have :( I had planned on taking him to Filo Yoghurt for dessert, but they close at 7pm and we only finished dinner just after 8pm ...Oh well, another time then. It looks like a cute little shop and they had some yummy flavours from what I saw thru the windows :)

So instead we stopped at the new McDonalds one robot up on the way home to share a soft serve. But this is clearly a much fancier McDonalds (although to be fair I haven't been to any McDs in absolute ages!). And we spotted something new .... something called a CuppaCake. We had the caramel. It was sooo yummy. I almost didn't want to share - haha. But I am glad we did. May have to try another this weekend cause I read on the FB page that the "Limited Time Offer" may be ending on the 22nd.

Oh, in other exciting news, I collected my post and the box was finally full and I didn't miss out on any of my subscriptions :) 2 Fresh Living mags and 2 Lingerie Letters to keep me busy! So, my 3month try-it-out gift subscription that I bought myself has now ended ... I really like 2 of the 3 undies I've received (they can't all suit everyone ... the shiny gold does not suit my skin tone and the cut is a bit strange for me). Am seriously considering getting more! At R70-R75 for a pair of underwear and something new each month ...I am definitely of the practical underwear-shopping variety so this is far more interesting! Anyone wanna buy me another gift subscription for my birthday ;) Haha

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Louisa said...

That sounds like a real bargain for the lingerie - will have to check it out!

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