Monday, April 15, 2013

Things Be Good

Well I had a lovely weekend, how about you?

It started with a bump. I got a call from Citroen (where my car was for it's lights) saying that my thermostat housing (or something) was leaking, did I want to fix it. A mere R3100. Cough. That's more than the light-fix I took it in for. Not right now thanks. Nothing is simple. I'll tell you how even less simple it is. Along with the rear LHS light,s they also replaced my LHS fog lamp. The car has been in the freaking garage since it arrived back home on Friday. I checked all the lights before I left home this morning. Awesome. All fixed up. The fog lamp indicator goes off on my drive to work this morning. What do you know, the RHS one isn't working now :P Screw it.

But the lovely part was that The Trucker went and collected my car while I was at work for me :) What a sweet boy! That meant I got to stay for after work drinks where we ended up playing Cards Against Humanity. What a laugh!

The other awesome Friday news is that I've stopped seeing my amazing nutritionist. Because I don't need to go anymore :) I mean I'm sure she'd love me to keep going but all she's doing is measuring me. Hardly seems worth the expense. My weight has been stable since the start of December. 4 months. And I've hit my goal Body Fat Percentage. I've lost about 9kgs and 7% body fat. The best news for me is how consistent the last 4 months have been. Because I'm not terribly strict on myself ... clearly :P Will probably go back in about August just to check if there is any Winter damage ;) But I'm feeling pretty damn happy with myself right now :)

We had a lazy Friday evening at home watching series. Oh, and we lost the Gypsy cat :P Well, I say lost, but really, she just figured out how to wander out of the confines of our garden. She has been so good till now, I didn't think she could get out yet. And I got into a bit of a panic. I guess that first time when you're not sure yet if they will figure out how to get back home .... and of course, she's a black cat, in the dark, next to a road. Freaking out! I know it's normal cat behaviour, but I've never had a cat before. But she came home :) She went straight for her food bowl too! Haha. Shew. Giant relief.

She is lovely tho, and so entertaining. She's a crazy little thing! Slept so nicely with us on the couch on Saturday afternoon (that's her cuddling with The Trucker in the photo) ... think she probably got a bit of a fright herself. I know I'm gonna have to let her go eventually. I will when she's about 6months and spayed and chipped. But not yet!

On Saturday I had a bit of a lazy morning catching up on the TV I fell asleep during watching on Friday night. Then we headed off to get our admin and grocery shopping out of the way. We tried the new Nino's at Northgate. Not worth writing home about ... although I did enjoy my Railway Latte.

We had a lazy afternoon and then headed to dinner with some of The Trucker's friends at Angelo's. It was quite a fun evening out :)

On Sunday morning we had a very slow and relaxed morning at home (the reason we'd got our grocery shopping out of the way on Saturday). We baked chocolate croissants for breakfast. The Trucker's sister found this place where you can get them frozen for super cheap and then just let them rise overnight and bake them yourself. They were pretty perfect for a lazy Sunday breakfast!

We headed to @zoosev's for lunch with some friends and had an awesome afternoon of laughing and eating and drinking. Wow. The food was sooo good!

And then it was home again, The Trucker did some admin while Gypsy "read" his newspaper (that means attacking it and spreading it out across the lounge floor!) and then he made us an awesome Halloumi and Chorizo pasta for dinner and that was my weekend.

It was pretty freaking perfect. But, I won't lie, I am counting down the days till my birthday when we head to Kruger for an extra long weekend :D Life is good.

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