Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Un-busy Easter

Mkay so I had an unusually un-busy long Easter weekend. As I said before, we've been away quite a bit lately and The Trucker was flying down to Cape Town on Sunday so we didn't go away. And in fact didn't do much at all!

It is actually even too long ago to try to remember what we did at all. We did have his sister and niece over for breakfast (french toast!) on Saturday morning. And that was quite nice. Although it was super hard listening to her saying what she was gonna change around my house and could she cut the plants back and how she couldn't wait to use my fire place when she moved in. Eep. Usually you don't have to deal with hearing or knowing about those things. I've never rented out *my home* before ... There is no emotional connection to a rental property usually. I think this is gonna be harder than I thought. But then again maybe once I can start picturing where The Trucker and I will be living, the place that will be "ours", it'll all be different.

We had great plans for doing something on Saturday afternoon, but instead we just got our lazy on - haha. We did go out for dinner, to Cafe Mexicho with DJMike and his wife. I was craving Chili Poppers and Margarita's :) And we hadn't been in ages. It was delish!

On Sunday we headed off to the new Fourways Farmers Market. What a great setting :) Although I was a little disappointment that the coffee stall only offers coffee and no hot chocolate or anything ... I coulda done with a warm beverage to start. It was quite quiet ... being Easter Sunday, I presume. But we took a wander past all the stalls. There was quite a few familiar things (from Neighbourgoods Market). We had pancakes for breakfast, bought some bits and pieces and then ended off our morning with a Decadent Belgium Waffle. Shew. Was a great way to spend a Sunday morning :)

After that The Trucker packed and headed to the airport. He'll be back on Wednesday. I lazed about till @bronwyngale and @ironyandgum came over for a Games evening. We drank Champagne, ordered Pizza and played Cards Against Humanity. Needless to say it was a very amusing evening.

On Monday morning, while The Trucker was at his uncle's wedding, @louisabouwer was supposed to bring Nicola over to meet Gypsy. Sadly she wasn't feeling well so we took a rain check and I went grocery shopping instead - not nearly as much fun! Haha. Although I did (finally) buy myself a pair of gumboots! I have been looking for ages because I wanted red ones ... but plan red, not red with ridiculous turquoise features :P It's been harder than you think! So anyway, I saw these silver ones at Woolies last week and decided this morning they'd do just fine (since I still have not seen any red ones I like). Am sure they'll come in super handy at Oppikoppi this year :)

In the afternoon I headed over to @nadia_ass' to visit her and meet her tiny little almost-month-old boy Aaron. OMG He is too adorable. Had a lovely time catching up with her.

When I made plans with her, I was planning on picking up some Good Luck Club take-out on my way home for dinner, but they were sadly closed. Instead I went home and had a lazy evening in front of the TV and chatting on the phone with The Trucker. Damn, I adore that boy <3


Louisa said...

I'm so bummed that we didn't get to see you...I was really looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

We were also at the Fourways Farmers Market. It got a bit busier around lunch. It was so nice to be out and about in the sunshine and not working for a bit. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do ;-)

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