Friday, June 28, 2013


Well, it's been an uncharacteristically quiet week for me ... SCM on Tuesday and that was it. I'm still coughing. I think I may actually venture to the doc if I can get an appointment now. I'm afraid if I'm not well in time for my surgery they'll postpone it or something :P

I've also been exhausted this week. I can't count the number of times lately that I have fallen asleep before the end of an episode lying on the couch with The Trucker. I was totally fine when he was off playing Action Cricket, but the minute I'm cuddled next to him, I'm lights out by 9pm. Strange. I've also woken feeling still tired every morning this week. And it's not like I haven't been sleeping, I have. Deep sleeping where you feel like you've slept a whole night between 10min snooze alarms in the morning when you should be waking up! And dreaming (I dreamt about Rex and the vet and for some reason I was carrying Rex in the Pick n Pay on a plate (?!?) this morning. Poor guy, he hasn't stopped sneezing yet either).

It's been cold and wintery and I made my Ostrich Chilli Soup this week. Yum :) Not an everly active weekend planned either. Guess this is the winter-hibernation week ;) Haha.

My most exciting news this week is that we finally have a router that means we have internet at home again - we had to do a whole data sim swap since my MTN 3G no longer works (it doesn't get very good Edge even at the new house, so became completely useless) but The Trucker had a perfectly good Vodacom sim in his tablet. So for a while there we only had internet when he was home with his tablet. Frustrating for me, as you can imagine. But we now have a wifi router with the Vodacom sim and he's taken my 3G one to use in his tablet instead. Oh, and I cancelled my Vodacom contract. It expires at the end of July. I've had this contract since I first got my own cellphone ... moving over to Cell C now, they have far better S4 deals! At least when you switch these days you still keep you number :) Otherwise I'd probably be more hesitant to switch.

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