Friday, June 21, 2013

Regular Awesome Over Here

Too tired. Seriously. This has been a pretty decent (thankfully short) week. I am in desperate need of a late morning lie-in tomorrow (wish it had been today!).

On Tuesday I pretty much hibernated. There was no SCM and The Trucker was away for work in Mpumalanga & Limpopo. So I got home from work, took some more meds and curled up under a blanket in front of the TV. I didn't think I'd stay awake past 8pm. I had dinner (yummy tomato soup) at 6pm! But The Trucker had decided instead to drive home that evening instead of staying over somewhere so I waited up ... and we both had a still-earlier-than-usual night (he'd been out the door at 4am for his road trip).

Wednesday was uneventful, we made a Sweet Potato and Chicken curry on the spur of the moment from Curry Me Home. It was delish :)

On Thursday evening I'd planned a Surprise Date Night for the two of us. And can you believe I managed to keep it a secret all the way till the restaurant sign! Haha. It's not that I'm a bad secret keeper (when a secret is important), it's just that I get nervous about if he'll enjoy what I've chosen or be disappointed. I should trust myself more and know that he's a pretty easy going guy ... and even if he hates it he'll put up with it for me (like going to museums in Philly ;) )

I'd booked us a table at Beefcakes for The Dreemz Drag Show. I'd tried to go ages ago, in Cape Town, with The Divine Miss M ... but we tried to book too late. And since then it has opened in Joburg too, so I thought it'd be a fun night out :) I'd also heard the food was delish. We ordered a cocktail to start and then some chilli poppers ... which were pretty good, although a little burny for me. And then we each ordered a burger. Sheesh they were huge. I should've gone with the topless option (no top bun) since I left that anyway. I had an ostrich Buffy the Hamburger Slayer without the mushroom sauce. It is probably a lot better with the sauce tho, but I still enjoyed it :) It was far too much food for me tho. The place was jam-packed and the show only started at around 9pm, which is why I'm so tired this morning.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it didn't exactly hit the mark. It was a shorter show than I was expecting, and I thought they'd be doing their own singing. It was still a hoot and all three really are brilliant characters. Holly Diamond was my fave. And sheesh but the make-up they wear, I swear those eyelashes were a foot long! Haha. I definitely recommend this as a fun night out in Jozi :)

What else has been potting ... we should be actually making payment for our holiday to USA & Bermuda this weekend :D We did the Flight Center price check and it looks like online will be the way to go. Now we've gotta investigate our Credit Card travel insurance and move some money around. Super excited.

The Trucker's excitement has also increased since I discovered, after the disappointment of Slash not playing in New York while we're there, that The Lumineers (The Trucker's new favourite band this year) will actually be playing in San Fransisco on our last night there :) This trip has really gonna have some amazing highlights!

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