Monday, July 01, 2013

Not Our Weekend

Whoop. The cough she is almost 100% gone. Yes, this is down to caving and going to see the doc on Friday afternoon. Apparently it's not that I'm getting sick more often because of my daily Allergy-Induced Asthma ... it's because now I know what "normal" feels like. Truth be told I probably would've thought the cough was normal 18months ago.

What the asthma apparently actually means is that when I get sick, even momentarily (like 2 weeks ago), my lungs will take longer to recover ... which is exactly what happened here. I felt absolutely fine. Aside from my chest. And cough mixture is probably fine, if the cough is in your throat, but mine felt like it was in my lungs. Yup. Anyhoo. Super glad I'll be sorted before next week's surgery (and Mom's visit! Yay).

So Friday, after the doc, The Trucker and I went to Mumbai Grill with @jarredcinman. I plugged it as almost as good as Ghazal's but so much closer :) He swears it's the best Baingan Bhartha he's had. And apparently it's the dish he tries everywhere. I tried something new ... the Chicken Badame. It was good, but I'm unlikely to have it again. Ah, I do love my Mahknie.

Was a lovely evening :)

On Saturday we were up fairly early (7:30), expecting the gardener, who didn't show. So we headed out to try a new spot for breakfast, The Whippet. I'd read about it on @Jenty's blog on Friday morning and was super keen to try one of their Whippet breakfasts. What. A. Disappointment :(

Okay, so some of it was probably our fault. We got there later than we should've (they don't take bookings) because I'd popped past the Lancet lab in Olivedale clinic for a fasting cholesterol test. The place was jam-packed and our name was added to a waiting list. We wandered the nearby shops ... the Ceramic Factory was quite nice (which I also read about in @Jenty's post), but that was about the only place of interest we went into. We waited 20-30 minutes for a table and then ended up outside. We thought it'd be okay, but it was chillier than we expected (entirely our own fault).

When our waitress came, I asked about The Whippet breakfast. Apparently they don't serve those on Saturdays, it's too busy. Giant disappointment. Honestly we almost left then. When on earth am I going to have time to go for breakfast in Linden during the week (they're closed on Sundays) ?!

But we pushed past that and I had a truly superb Espresso and Peanut Butter smoothie. I'd probably go back for that as a take-away. We never ended up getting our breakfast ... We were warned it'd be a 15-20minutes wait because it was so full. That's okay, although after our stop at the clinic and the wait for a table, we were pretty hungry. 40 minutes later, our food still hadn't appeared. The Trucker went in and cancelled our order and we left. I doubt we'd go back. They are clearly very popular and the food must be good (if you get it), but I doubt we'd bother going back (unless we happened to be up and ready to go at 7am on a Saturday morning sometime ... unlikely).

Instead we popped across the road to the Argentine Bakery and got some croissants to go.

We went and did some admin after that, but our day was cursed. No breakfast, there was no gas at 3 places we tried and then we popped past an ATM that was out of order and another swallowed The Trucker's card! But, we did get a tent for Oppi :)

After that we decided to give up on the day and head home. Later we went and met some friends at Picolinos for a late lunch. Totally salvaged our day!

When we got home, we decided to watch A Good Day to Die Hard. Yes, I fell asleep in front of the tv again ... didn't feel like I missed out on much tho. Really, the only Die Hard movie I really like is Number 3. I woke up and it wasn't even 8pm #sigh I did manage to stay awake while we finished The Killing Season 1 tho :) Sheesh, this falling asleep on the couch, in front of the tv, cuddled up to The Trucker seems to be becoming Pavlovian!

On Sunday we went to Doppio to redeem our weekend breakfast experience. I tried something new (and delish, I'd have it again!), the Scrambled Divine. We got our grocery shopping done. Well, half of it. Managing to stay true to this weekend's series of disasters, Pick n Pay seemed to be on a go slow and there were queues around almost the entire shop. So we left and popped past Spar later.

The Trucker went to his LMS cricket in the afternoon and then when he got home we booked a few more things for our trip :) Yes, we are going to The Lumineers and Blue Man Group ! Whoop whoop. Struggling to find decent accommodation at an affordable price in San Fran tho :(

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Louisa said...

Wow...really not your weekend for great service huh?

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