Monday, July 29, 2013

Sociable Me

Ah, what a fabulous weekend filled with so many friends ... seriously, I have clearly got my sociable side back on! Haha.

I finished up work a little early on Friday, since I'm working from home and worked an extra 2 hours at the office on Thursday before going to the farewell dinner. The Trucker was supposed to finish early as well, but unfortunately one of his trucks carrying wood tipped and his Friday was pretty much done for.

But he did end up getting home around 5 so we asked @clairam what she & @obitadicta were up to and if they wanted to go for drinks. Turned out she was on her way past our house and popped in for a drink. And then after she left we headed to Rusty to meet up with some of The Trucker's friends for dinner. It was freezing but the food was yummy (I had ribs ... ordinarily I would definitely have their pizza but I knew I was having pizza on Saturday already).

On Saturday we had the gardener over. Yay, the bunny hutch got cleaned :D And we headed out to do some truck admin and grab a quick breakfast. We also found out there was a sale on at Outdoor Warehouse so we headed there to see if we could find a mattress for Oppi.

So we've been on the hunt for a new mattress from even before the hunt for the new tent, after ours died on our trip to Namibia. There was much debate over the pros and cons of getting another blow-up mattress vs. getting one off the ground. Obvs off the ground ones allow for the cold air to congregate under your mattress so you are not as warm. But then again, the chance of ever getting a puncture are virtually nil. We also looked at the double volume bow-up ones. But I think we had decided early on that we wanted one on legs. What a mission. They are fairly expensive. R1900 at Outdoor Warehouse and they weren't on sale. But, the up side of making the trip there was that we saved about R400 on 2 camping chairs that we needed to buy too :) Score.

We did some further investigation online, now that we knew exactly what we were looking for in the mattress department. Turns out there seem to be only 2 options: Oztrail and Afritrail. The best news is that when we popped into Pick n Pay on Sunday and decided against doing our grocery shopping there (again ... the queues seem dreadful every time lately, apparently there is a workers strike or go slow or something), we had a look to see if they had anything on offer. And they have the Afritrail queen bed at R400 cheaper! Am off to buy it this afternoon :) And then we're all set for Oppi next weekend. Eep.

When we got home, The Trucker headed off to Beer School. Haha. Yep, apparently there is a 3hr Saturday afternoon class in Emmarentia. I had @louisabouwer and Nicola over for home-made pizzas and a catch up :) What a great afternoon! We ate (it was delish), chatted, laughed, entertained Nicola and watched the bunnies & Gypsy cat play. We finished off the afternoon with some yummy Haagen Dazs ice-cream. So delish. And then, when The Trucker got home, @louisabouwer finally got to meet him - haha, can you believe that yes, there actually still are friends of mine who have yet to meet him.

We decided to go and watch World War Z at the movies in the evening and bumped into @Thunderkitty6 and her hubby, who were going to the same movie and sat in the row behind us. Haha, was great to see them both and their bump who is due in January.

The movie was quite good. Am sorry to say we saw it in 3D tho. The glasses have changed (still just as sexy and as on-size-fits-all which actually means fits no one). They still can't get speedy movement right in 3D, it blurs. And I noticed that there were far to many "up-close blurry things" in the frame ... which I suppose was meant to make it feel more 3D (?). Urgh. I wish they'd give up on this. It is not an advancement. Aside from that tho, the movie was absolutely NOTHING like the book. The only thing they seem to have incorporated from the book was a) Zombies and b) the UN. If you forget it has anything to do with the book, you can probably enjoy it.

Then on Sunday The Trucker headed off to cricket and I went to Doppio to meet up with @nadia_ass and Aaron for breakfast. Man is he a cutey. But it is a weird experience. She went off to have a smoke and left me holding him. He's very quiet. It starts to feel quite weird, this little thing who says nothing. I guess cause I'm now even used to such a noisy cat! Haha.

The rest of our Sunday was relaxed. We tried the McDonald's Texan burger for dinner. Haha, @louisabouwer was asking me about it on Saturday since I always try McD's in foreign countries. Anyway, it doesn't taste or smell like a normal McD's burger and I'd say it was very nice. But very big, I couldn't finish mine.

And that was our awesome weekend. Working from home again today, which is just as well. We both woke instantly in the middle of the night to a banging sound. The wind was howling and it sounded like a window slamming. The Trucker went to investigate. A few times. He couldn't find where the noise was coming from, none of our windows were open. Luckily I went almost straight back to sleep (since I didn't get out of bed), he couldn't after that adrenalin rush. Poor guy.

Today we're deciding on what route to go with our new adsl line (after last week's internet cock-up, thanks Vodacom) and I'm using up the rest of my data-bundle because this week I switch to Cell C and get my new S4 :D


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest buying a camp bed (ie off the ground) and a blowup mattress. Also, if you haven't got one already, invest in a plug-in pump. Life. Saver. (this coming from someone who blew up TWO single mattresses with a manual pump every night, for 6 weeks)

Louisa said...

We had such a good time catching up with you on Saturday, thanks for having us over - I am very glad that Nicola didn't end up breaking anything! Hahaha...
I was telling my mom about the bit where she saw that bunny ornament and asked you why you changed it into stone. As you can see, she's going through a very busy and inquisitive stage at the moment.

And FINALLY I can also say that I've met the Trucker. :-)

phillygirl said...

@cestlavietlb - yep, we have a pump that plugs into the car or something. That's The Trucker's dept ;) Haha.

@louisa - can't wait to see the pics of Nicola playing with the bunnies so I can put one up here too :)

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