Friday, July 26, 2013


Shew. It's been a pretty good week, I'd say. Had the opportunity to enjoy 3 later than usual mornings because I've had the opportunity to work from home the last 3 days :) Would so rather spend the time in bed snoozing than in traffic! What a pleasure.

Although it wasn't all fun times. Yesterday we ran out of data so I had to head into work in the afternoon anyway. Which came as a huge surprise because The Trucker had put his tablet sim into our router and it auto-adds data ... but at out-of-bundle rates because he is no longer being notified like when it was in his tablet (downside of the router!). So we got a surprise "your bill this month is going to be a whopping 2K". Which is extreme when it is usually R149 (and that's not even 1Gb out-of-bundle). Yes, we are investigating Telkom adsl lines already - haha.

I went to SCM on Tuesday. Which was nice. Felt like ages since I'd been. And I took along a bottle of the Foundation Stone since I found some (cheaper than Mom got it in CT even!) at our local Liquor City. I am really enjoying it and am definitely gonna grab a few more bottles. It doesn't give me the paranoid-can't-sleep reaction I've been having to more than one glass of red wine. Definitely a win :)

On Wednesday evening we did a very yummy Mexican mince with wraps for dinner before The Trucker headed to cricket and then last night I went to Parea for a work farewell with some awesome people. Was a great evening with lots of laughter :)

And that has pretty much been my week. Nothing too exciting, but pleasant none the less.

Oh, and I forgot, the rest of the hospital bill came via Discovery. I was quite impressed at how speedy that was. There is a marked improvement in how much they're covering :) We're up to 73% now I think. The full hospital stay (roughly 11K ! And I didn't even sleep over). But I will have to pay in for the anaesthetist and for the meds I got from their pharmacy before I went home. Shew. I will say it is very entertaining looking at the mass of items that make up that hospital bill 34c here, 91c there ...

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