Friday, August 23, 2013

Here is some Good Advice

Awe. Am full of the warm and happies this morning :) Well, I'd obviously be even more full of them if I could still be in my warm bed cuddled with The Trucker right now (who is no doubt still fast asleep). But still. Tomorrow I can do that, and boy do I plan to! Plus today kinda has that perfect lazy bed morning weather ... All overcast skies and grey.

It's been a good week. Okay so I only managed to make it to Boot Camp twice this week again ... Monday and Tuesday are the easy ones. It's getting myself back there on Thursday that I'm struggling with. So yeah, I did that. And I skipped SCM Dinner on Tuesday evening. Was feeling decidedly blue and anti-social at the start of this week.

Plus I knew I'd be seeing the same crowd on Wednesday night at @clairam's Half Birthday celebration dinner at Schwabing. Which generally I am not a real fan of, but since I don't remember the last time I was there, it was acceptable as a venue choice. I actually think I've found "my thing" on their menu finally ... their Schweizer Schnitzel (it's the cheesey cheese one). I do want to try their Hungarian Goulash as well. I have such brilliant memories of goulash while (attempting) skiing in Austria, in 1997 Chirstmas hols ... but I'm not sure if that was due more to exhaustion and setting than the food itself. I've never found another that I've held in such high regard. I will say that I was very pleased to find Gluhwein on their menu ... which I do so love in winter :)

So that was fun. Then last night, The Trucker and I had a wonderful evening. It wasn't really planned as a Surprise Date Night, but I guess it did sorta turn out to be one. I'd booked us tickets to go see Tim Plewman's new show, The Last Moustache. But, first we needed dinner.

Number 15 on my list of Date Night restaurants was in Braamfontein so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it :) I'd added it to the list when @PastExperiences mentioned it on twitter a while back ...

So I did some hunting online and found the facebook page for 86 Public (after accidentally calling the number on the Google+ page which is incorrect ... it belongs to Percy who was involved in the start-up of the restaurant, but he was very helpful) and made a booking.

Oh. My. Word. I think this was the cherry on top of our evening. What a fantastic little pizza spot. They don't have their liquor license yet (they'd told me when I booked and their corkage pricing, but we opted not to take any along), but we enjoyed our Coke Zero in wine glasses. And we ordered 2 of their medium-sized pizzas to share.

Superb. Loved them both! We had number 27: Bacon, dark chocolate, feta and pear (the last time I had a combo like this was at Lapa Fo, now closed, which I'd loved but haven't seen it since, so I could not resist!) and number 19: Bacon, chilli, feta and avocado (yes, yes, my standard). They have some other delish sounding options, but The Trucker wasn't up for a veggie pizza :( Haha.
When I saw the pizzas on the table next to ours, I was a little nervous ... the bases look solid. But they weren't, they were light and neither of us felt like we'd over-eaten or "heavy" from the pizza at all. Seriously, make the trip and try this little place :)

And then we popped over the Nelson Mandela bridge (which was very colourfully lit up) and headed to the construction site that is currently the Market Theatre. I am very curious to know what they're doing there. And there seemed to be a lot of parking confusion (Standard Bank's Joy of Jazz is currently on and people seem to be trying their luck to get into the Theatre's parking area). But we managed fine. And then had a quick drink at the bar before heading in to watch The Last Moustache.

Wow. I didn't really know what to expect, I just knew it was Tim Plewman and something about Hitler. And I so enjoyed his Defending the Caveman years ago, so it seemed like a no-brainer to book tickets to this. Plus I do so enjoy doing something different :)

It was amazing. It's 75 minutes non-stop. He plays a myriad of different characters to tell the story, the alternate story of Hitler's last days. It's not a comedy, although there are funny moments. It is, however, brilliant. Well scripted, spectacularly acted and very clever. Also, it worked superbly well in the intimate theatre setting of the Laager Theatre. It's still showing for another week, so I reckon you should get yourselves tickets!

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Louisa said...

That first pizza combo with the chcocolate sounds quite different!

Oooh, I really enjoyed that Defending the caveman too, maybe I need to make a plan to watch this one.

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