Wednesday, October 30, 2013

28 September: Bermuda

We were up well into the early hours of the morning and slept in till about 11am. I was terribly hung-over ... after distributing the majority of what I had drunk over the bathroom o_0 Not one of my finest moments.

The weather was grey and rainy and encouraged our lazy day. The High Life went into work till 3pm again while The Trucker and I just lolled about. Good to have a proper day of nothing on holiday ;) On the plus side, after some breakfast and a shower I was felling back to normal.

In the late afternoon, The High Life took us to see The Crystal and Fantasy Caves. Both were quite spectacular, but I preferred the Crystal Cave because you got to walk down a pontoon walkway in the middle of the underground lake. But it was somewhat more damaged as they'd chopped thru some of the stalactites so you didn't bump your head.

There were many mentions as we walked thru of Vietnam's Surprise Cave. But this was quite a bit smaller ;)

In the evening, after more lazing and napping on our part and work by The High Life, we went for dinner at Rustico in Flatts.

It was superb! We were quite early so shared a pizza bread to start with a drink. OMG I had a Savanna! In Bermuda. Haha.

When The High Life arrived, we moved to our table and shared a calamari starter (amazing) and some beef carpaccio. I had a fantastic prawn pasta for mains. And I got to taste The High Life's Veal Ravioli with Truffle Sauce. OMG, it was sooo good!

We all shared a bottle of Soffocone to drink (apparently it means Blow Job in Italian o_0). We ended with a cannoli and some amazing chocolate mousse and pecan nut cake.

Starting dinner at 9pm means we had another late night. We ended up sitting around at home playing music and watching You Tube videos. And The High Life introduced us to the genius of Tim Minchin!

Got to bed around 1:30am ...

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