Tuesday, October 29, 2013

27 September: Bermuda

We flew overnight, on Jet Blue from San Francisco to Bermuda with a brief airport stop at JFK.

Luckily we could check our bags all the way thru. We had to change planes, which was simple enough since we arrived and departed from the same terminal. We didn't actually even get stamped out of the States (in fact, we didn't get stamped out on the way home either o_0 How annoying for my passport-stamp-collecting needs ...).

We slept from San Fran to NY, grabbed a bagel-breakfast in JFK this morning and watched the sun rise. And then we headed to Bermuda. We arrived at 10:30am, 4hrs ahead of San Fran.

The Trucker's best friend, The High Life, met us at the little airport and took us back to his house on St David's and then he headed in to work till 3pm. We had a swim right off the jetty in front of his doorstep and then slept till he got back.

When he got back, the boys went to rent us a scooter and then the 3 of us headed to St George's. We went up to Achilles Bay Beach and had lunch at the Beach House. I tried the Fish (called Wahoo) & Chips on The High Life's recommendation, which was absolutely delish.

We took a look at a few of the nearby forts before heading back. It's very handy that The High Life knows so much history of the island (for his job). It is really lush here and quite beautiful. All the houses have solid, white limestone roofs and each house is painted different bright colours.

When The High Life headed back to work for the evening at 6pm, we decided to join him. Mostly just to check the place out and watch the sunset.

We enjoyed the views of the pink beach, which doesn't really look pink, except up close. Apparently it's some red organism's shell mixed in with the sand.

[Aside: I dunno why that photo on the right keeps uploading like that. it is much darker if I open it normally, but as soon as I upload it, it gets lightened. Pfft. Does Blogger automatically adjust photos for some random reason? This is the first time I've seen it happen.]

We ended up staying for dinner. After a few (4?) cocktails looking out over the beach eating some snacks they provided, we headed inside to a table and I accidentally ended up drinking a very nice bottle of 2009 Napa Valley Cab Sav (I ordered a glass and they just kept filling it up!). For dinner I had an amazing cold seafood platter (the lobster & prawns were my favourite, but I ate the clams, mussels and oysters as well ;) ). We were definitely spoilt!

And then came dessert. We had the crème brûlée and the profiteroles. There was a couple having their wedding dinner on the beach and they'd arranged a fireworks display which we also got to enjoy :) Quite a spectacular evening! Completely spoilt, and completely comped for us by The High Life.

But it didn't end there. When The High Life finished work, we went back to the house and got changed before heading out. We took a taxi to Elbow Beach for a drink. And then he took us into Hamilton to Red and Cafe Cairo.


The Chantal said...

Wow first night in Bermuda sounds amazingggggg.

Louisa said...

It sounds amazing...

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