Monday, October 07, 2013

I'm Back!

Hello, hello. I'm sure you're all sick enough with envy after the twitter and instagram updates, but there are blog posts coming (not just yet, it took me the whole day yesterday to just sort thru all the photos and pick a mere 83 or so to put up on Facebook!).

But, the short story is, we are back and had a truly awesome spectacular holiday. We arrived home on Saturday morning after very little sleep on a full plane. Got unpacked, did (all) the washing (which dried super fast, thanks Jozi summer), showered and then pretty much napped for a couple of hours. And life went back to normal.

Well, a slow normal. The Trucker appears to be suffering a little jet-lag (he was awake between 1 - 5:30am on Sunday morning and apparently an hour last night, even with the help of melatonin). I have confirmed that no-jet-lag is my super power and have experienced none of the above. Yay me :)

It has been lovely being home, if just for the cuddles of Gypsy & Lily (yes I got a cuddle with her on Saturday too!). Gypsy acted all funny when we first got home (like she does when someone arrives to visit), but once The Housesitter left, she barely left our sides. Such a cutey. Chatty as ever.

We watched the rugby at home on Saturday afternoon, while tasting his home brew. He's not 100% impressed with himself, but I like it. It doesn't have that overwhelming beer taste, which is what I usually hate about beer generally. That sour taste (is it the hops?). And it's not as fizzy as store bought. And there are two more buckets ready and waiting to be bottled at home now too. (that's the pilsner on the left and the lager on the right)

We had tuna salad for dinner. Trying to be healthier since almost all we did on holiday was eat! And the weather here is so lovely. It'll be salads all week for us, I think - haha. And we were falling asleep in front of the tv around 21h30 on Saturday evening so it was off to bed.

On Sunday I was up at about 6am, faffing with photos and such. He slept as much as he could till we headed off to Doppio for a catch-up breakfast with his sister & niece. And then a round of weekly grocery shopping before he went to play cricket (ambitious, wasn't he?).

Anyway, he survived. And then attempted a Velveeta-like macaroni (we were introduced to that little gem by his friend in Bermuda, The Hotelier). Okay, so not exactly healthy, but I think he had a bee in his bonnet to see if it would work out similar. Either way it was super tasty :)

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