Tuesday, September 17, 2013

America, Fuck Yeah!

Righto folks, this is goodbye till I get back in October ... whoop whoop. Bring on the big ol' Yoo Ess of Ay. And the blissful beach-life in Bermuda. I am ready.

I got a little teary in bed last night. Thinking about love and how emotions are all a bit funny. Existential, yo. How this little kitten-cat we hadn't even met 8 months ago has wriggled her way into our hearts. How much I adore her. How much I am going to miss her while we're away. And it's a funny thing, how people work, it must be some kind of reciprocal sliding-scale. Cause I love my bunnies, in the sense that I will protect them and do what is best for them and look after them always. But it's different, because they are not cuddle-bunnies. They are quite happy doing their own thing. I know I'm their favourite human, because they are not nearly as comfortable around other people who feed them and let them run in the garden when I'm away. But that is about the entire purpose I serve to them.

Shew. How on earth is it going to be with a kiddie?! My heart will break. But at least they get older and you can skype and keep in touch and explain things to them if you go away. Animals do NOT understand.

But anyway, our new house-sitter, a guy from work, came around last night to see the place, meet the animals and whatnot. I'm quite sure he'll do a sterling job. And I'm quite sure Gypsy will make fast friends with him while we're away. But damn I am gonna miss that noisy little thing!

So, I'm guessing there are no surprises for our trip, here are the things I'm *super* looking forward to in the next few weeks:

1. New York! Not much more to add to this, really.
2. Blue Man Group. I dunno why, but this has been on my list to see ever since we saw Mummenschantz.
3. Mutter Museum. Yes, I'm apparently morbid like that ;) And I'm sure it'll be fun to ride the Amtrak too (gotta get in all those modes of transport ... this ensures we have rail).
4. Road-tripping in the USA in a convertible Mustang. Gotta be done. (transport type: road *check*)
5. Le Brea Tar Pits. Dinosaurs, hello?
6. Alcatraz (transport type: sea *check*)
7. Well, Bermuda really goes without saying here ... beautiful pink beaches. (The photo below was actually taken by the guy we're going to stay with!)

You can all live vicariously when I get back :) Cheerio.


Louisa said...

I hope you have an amazing time! Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Ohh bermuda, have some friends over there! : )

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