Friday, October 11, 2013

Really back

Well, I seem to have survived the first week back ... and am even impressed at the dent I've made in the Holiday Blog Posts. I must say, I'm not sure if you realise this, but the holiday posts are my favourite across my entire blog. Probably closely followed by my Local Tourist Ideas section ... which is new, so you probably haven't noticed it.

The holiday blog posts allow me to relive and savour my holiday in a very different way than actually happens when you're experiencing it. And don't get me wrong, experiencing it is always great, but that is usually very fleeting. The blog posts help remind me, even years later ... being able to look at the photos more easily (because who opens up those old holiday albums and goes thru their 1400 photos taken, it it much easier to look at an album of selected favourite in a Facebook album or in a blog post), and sometimes that's all I need to bring forth all the memories of a day, a place, a trip and an experience. Sometimes, on those random days in a place, I can re-read the post and put myself back there.

And I usually seem to appreciate my holidays even more with the blog posts. Before I go, I usually have a very specific list of the things I'm looking forward to and have planned to do ... but that is *never* all that happens. And there is something special about quantifying just how much you did do, see and experience which makes you appreciate the things you hadn't thought of before all the more precious.

Anyhoo, I just hope you're all enjoying reading about it and inspired and maybe have added something new onto your list of things to do while there after reading :)

Anyway, this week, right. The Trucker still isn't sleeping properly. I seem to have slept thru his getting up for the first time last night tho ... Poor boy. I don't think it's the jet-lag anymore, now I think he has created a habit in his brain. And he says he thinks there are rats or something in the ceiling that are waking him (apparently he previously put it down to the cat, but last night he listened to them while he was watching her sleep). I think that for some reason he is on high alert for noises in the house and the adrenalin kicks in and he can't get back to sleep. Last night wasn't the first time he went wandering the house in the middle of the night with his big stick ...

Poor boy. So yeah, I am not feeling the best rested, but we have been taking it easy otherwise this week. I went to SCM on Tuesday evening and it was lovely to catch-up with everyone.

Gypsy is making me sad. I feel like she forgot who I was this holiday ... she'll come and sit with me and stuff, but then she'll suddenly run off and then try to attack me while I walk and do her weird scaredy back-arched, fur-up, sideways-walk at me ... #sigh It's making me sad. I miss the early hours of the morning when I was her favourite and she'd come and cuddle with me. She did it when we first got back, the first 2 nights, curling up against my tummy. She seems perfectly fine with The Trucker. Of course.

Also, we had a bit of funny week. On Tuesday evening I was grumpy when I got home from SCM because he was still out and he'd woken me the previous night and I was tired so him coming home late either means I won't sleep properly till he's home or if I do, I'll wake up when he gets home. And I wanted a good night's sleep. Okay so that didn't happen. But he managed to diffuse my mood when he got home. Which I think is worth mentioning as it's not something either of us are good at with each other.

I am also feeling especially special about him this week after listening on Tuesday afternoon to one friends devastating break-up story and then on Wednesday listening to another friend's ongoing couple-drama :( It made me feel awful for them both. And super appreciative of what I have and my lovely boy. Who, yes, sometimes annoys me ... but I wouldn't give him up for the world.

Oh, and did I tell you The Trucker wants to move? He's still not 100% happy with where we're living at the moment. I dunno, it just doesn't feel right to him or something. But this time we're weighing up actually buying together ... not entirely sure the banks will let me have another bond, even if it is just half of one ... but yeah. We're currently in the "seeing what's out there" stage.

Also, I am actually loving work at the moment. I'm on a new project that is (so far) fun, which has also made it easier to be back :) Won't lie, it makes a change.


Anonymous said...

Gypsy is just pissed off with you. Cats are like that. "Yay! You're HOME!" and then "I hate you for leaving me". She'll come round :)

Dr Mea said...

My cat does the weird back arch thing, but its actually a game she plays with me. Then she also loves cuddles *on her terms though*, usually when I'm working or reading lol, she will come sit on my book or laptop :)

Give her time she will come round :)

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