Monday, October 14, 2013


Shew, time feels like it's flying by fast. The weekend was pretty cool. A good combination of things.

On Friday night I accidentally worked half an hour later than normal. Which led to spending an hour in the traffic o_0. But I had to get home to meet The Trucker so that we could go grab some dinner at Monte before watching Trevor Noah's new show It's My Culture.

We shared a pizza at Col'Cacchio because we couldn't decide what to eat. Usually when that happens I never order something that hits the spot, but this did :) I figure sharing a pizza here is a bit like having 2 slices in America ... haha.

The show was brilliant, as always. Really, he is my favourite South African comedian these days and I don't think I've missed any of his live shows (Actually think I missed Crazy Normal)!

We had some weird peeps sitting 2 rows in front of us tho. One woman, I thought she was going to have a fit or burst something. She was wildly clapping her hands above her head at everything, stomping her feet. You know the type, the people who laughing wildly at everything he says. Including when he says "So I went to the shop", starting the next funny story. He had her at that. Seemed a little ridonkulous to me.

And in that same group there were these woman who sad "Yes" and "Mmmmmhmmmmm" in agreement to him. Like I can ONLY imagine happens in happy-clappy church services. It was weird and annoying. I adore him as a performer, but I'm not there for audience participation and these people were detracting from his performance (maybe because it was filmed, they felt the need to make a spectacle of themselves?). And the guy in their group threw his head back every time he thought something was especially funny. Right into the laps of the people sitting in front of us. People are so weird.

Other than the overly-enthusiastic bunch, it was a brilliant show :) I think all his Joburg shows are sold out (it's on till the 20th), but if you can get yourself a ticket, I highly recommend you go!

On Saturday we had a lazy morning. Headed out and grabbed some breakfast at Doppio and then went and did the week's shopping. And then I headed off to @Arkwife's baby-shower.

Sheesh, can't believe she is almost a mom-of-two! Was a lovely afternoon with yummy food and lots of baby-gifts. Such fun buying the teeny clothes. And, while The Trucker wasn't interested in the OMG-so-tiny shoes, he did come in handy later while I was shopping for my Santa's Shoebox (this year I have an 11yr old boy, tricky!).

The Trucker had gone to Rusty with some friends while I was out so I headed there en route home and had a few drinks with them as well before we went home and had a braai. Just the two of us and some awesome ribs! I'd been craving them before we went on holiday, but we hadn't had time.

On Sunday I was supposed to have breakfast with Flakey-Bron, but she cancelled ... so I had a lazy morning while The Trucker was up early to go play cricket. I didn't actually get out of my PJs till around 2pm ;) I ate leftover ribs, and watched Dexter. All. Day. I find that is one of those series you have to watch almost entirely in one go ... I have 2 episodes left :) And I got a few holiday-blog-posts written. But it's very distracting when you're trying to watch TV!

The Trucker popped home between cricket and going out again ... he and one of his friends had to go get a new employee to sign a contract. And then he got home around 15h30 and napped. Felt like I hardly saw the boy ;) But at least I had Dexter :)

And then we had Tuna salad for dinner and that was Sunday!

In some other good news, the Gypsy-Cat seems to be back to normal ... she cuddled with me, under the duvet both weekend mornings. She is such a cutey. Adore that kitcat.

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